Officer Michael Fanone received a threatening and insulting voicemail while testifying around January 6. – Political News

The person he called repeated former President Donald Trump’s false claim that the presidential election was stolen.

Michael Fanone testifies before the House Select Committee investigating the January 6 attack on the Capitol in Washington on July 27, 2021.

WASHINGTON – DC Metro Police Officer Michael Fanone, who suffered a heart attack and traumatic brain injury after being violently assaulted on January 6, received a threatening voicemail with insults on his cell phone while testifying Tuesday. about his experience during the Capitol riots. .

“I could slap you on the side of the head with a backhand and knock you unconscious, little f ***,” the caller said in his message, which Fanone shared on CNN.

“I wish they had killed all of you bastards, because you are scum,” continued the man, who used homophobic and racist insults in his message, after repeating former President Donald Trump’s false claim that the presidential elections were stolen. .—2/c/ZL8uwwxEfko—2/c/y06tHjQQUBE—2/c/0OcPybHxUUE—2/c/71EsG21xsCo—2/c/LqxdaZBsErI—2/c/_RcA15N9MgM—2/c/eugPzufGnr0

“They stole the election from Trump and you know it, you bastard. And damn it, they didn’t beat the shit out of you anymore, ”the caller said.

CNN transmitted the uncensored voicemail multiple times since Fanone received it.

“Unfortunately, I’ve come to expect this kind of response,” Fanone told CNN‘s Don Lemon about the message. “This is not the first time that people have expressed opinions similar to mine. … There is an element in this country that believes that. “—2/c/BeOv9VkH7dk—2/c/BdIrTo6Iio0—2/c/W_GUUAiY1-0—2/c/DXag5-oyhew—2/c/f0iZtnx-qUc—2/c/z-QqX-54sIg

Fanone was one of four officers to testify Tuesday at the first hearing of the House select committee investigating Jan.6. He told lawmakers on the panel that he risked being killed with his own firearm by the mob participating in the riot.

“They grabbed me, beat me, beat me, all while calling me a traitor to my country,” Fanone said in his opening statement.—2/c/V1ElbCh1E48—2/c/540Lb_5WXjs—2/c/n3pqFkajGUY—2/c/g8iYOKV-pxk—2/c/_xDNeI6BrpQ

The rioters dragged him into the crowd, grabbed his plate and ammunition and beat him with the metal objects and their fists, he said.

“They shocked me over and over with a taser gun,” he said.

During the hearing, Fanone and other officials asked lawmakers to investigate the events that led to the riot and whether those in power played any role in provoking the attack.

“It’s interesting from a law enforcement perspective, as a police officer; a lot of these events happened in plain sight. We had violent political rhetoric,” he said.—2/c/E_feyUqkUOE—2/c/J3ipH0iynnA—2/c/YXjW1ZXEwpw—2/c/iBc1iL9YR1E—2/c/9d4EXl4HD_s—2/c/ABEqzoVtyjM—2/c/uUcrivQgJwc—2/c/UNML2AXvqkQ—2/c/yB4_K_wI7r4—2/c/2ioCSiAfPqE

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