Barack Obama is endorsing Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau in the Canadian election

It is the second time Obama has done it. Obama also urged Canadians to re-elect the Liberal leader in Canada’s last election in 2019.

Obama tweeted Thursday that he was proud to work with Trudeau and described him as an effective leader who has strong democratic values.

Trudeau is in a tough re-election fight with his Conservative rival ahead of Monday’s parliamentary elections. Obama’s endorsement helped Trudeau with progressives in 2019.

Trudeau formed a close relationship with Obama when he was president.

The former president has long been popular with many Canadians.

“This is welcomed by Trudeau and Co. but not a surprise,” said Nelson Wiseman, a political science professor at the University of Toronto “Will Obama’s endorsement make a difference? Not many voters are still undecided so the material impact of Obama’s endorsement is minimal in my opinion. I think it is more symbolic of Liberal affinity with the Democrats which has been the case since JFK in the 1960s. ”

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