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Novak Djokovic complains of double standards against unvaccinated players As he dusts off Thanasi Kokkinakis

Defending champion Novak Djokovic reached the Wimbledon third round for the 16th time with another clinical showing.

79th seed Djokovic defeated Australia’s 79th ranked Tanasi Kokkinakis 6-1, 6-4, 6-2 and will face Serbia’s compatriot Miomir Kecmanovic in the round of 16. last

“I am very happy with my performance. I’m doing very well Strong from behind the court,” said Djokovic, who wants to work with Pete Sampras as a seven-time Wimbledon champion.

“I make him work everywhere and work for him all over the pitch.”

Kokkinakis likened Djokovic to a “brick wall” before the match. “It’s one-way traffic. Today I was chopped off,” the 26-year-old Aussies said after torture at his courthouse.

“If that’s not his highest intensity. I’ll be chopped up even more next time.”

Kokkinakis said on Instagram: “Thank you for slapping my brother.”

Over the weekend, Djokovic reiterated that he would not be vaccinated. That stance will prevent him from playing at this year’s US Open unless US authorities change immigration rules for unvaccinated visitors from abroad.

Before his victory over Kokkinakis, the Serb said what he claimed was a double standard. Djokovic pointed out that the unvaccinated American Tennys Sandgren was allowed to compete because he lived in the United States. by questioning why he shouldn’t be allowed to play with

“No one unvaccinated can now enter the United States,” Djokovic told Serbian media, as reported by the Tennis Majors. “I have heard informally that some people get away with it, some do not. ‘Famous’ but I wouldn’t try to go to America without permission.

“The bottom line is, if I say I can’t go, I won’t. I’ll never put myself in such a state. Even if I go inside They would see me on TV playing tennis and come pick me up.

“On a more serious note I texted Tennys Sandgren a few days ago. I want to thank him for the public support he has given me in this situation. What he said makes total sense — if unvaccinated players aren’t allowed to compete in the US Open, it should be for everyone.

“I don’t see the medical logic behind it. That Tennys can play because he’s a US citizen and I can’t. If I have a US passport or green card i will be able to play There may be political reasons behind it – not medical – but I don’t want to talk about it and you can understand why.”

Meanwhile, Djokovic said the family of incarcerated former coach Boris Becker “can always rely on me” after he invited the tennis player’s girlfriend and son to watch him at Wimbledon.

Lily de Carvalho and the fallen star’s son Noah were in Djokovic’s players’ box at Center Court for his second-round win.

“Of course it breaks my heart to see what happened to him,” Djokovic said. “I can only imagine how difficult it was for his family members.

“So this is a little show of friendship to invite them. He knows and they know they can always rely on me for any support or assistance I can provide.”

Becker was jailed for two and a half years earlier this year following allegations related to a 2017 bankruptcy case.

The six-time Grand Slam winner coached Djokovic for three years until the end of 2016, at which time they have won six majors, including a career grand slam. When Djokovic claimed his first two French Open in 2016

“Noah and his brother Elias are going to visit Boris in the coming days for the first time since he went to jail,” Djokovic added.

“I’m just trying to support the people around him. his close ones his family members Because I really think Boris is a family member. Someone I greatly appreciate, respect, and care about.”

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