Netizens need those celebrities to big name in an archery movie, gambling South Korea’s ‘2020 Tokyo Olympics’ archers Kim Je Deok, Kim Woo Jin, and Oh Jin Hyek

The ‘2020 Tokyo Olympics’ is presently the principle subject matter of dicussion for human beings all over the world. With latest information of the South Korean archer Kim Je Deok triumphing the gold medal, with crew individuals Kim Woo Jin and Oh Jin Hyek, netizens couldn’t assist however to peer the similarities among the 3 archers and unique celebrities.

On a famous on-line network forum, one netizen published a picturegraph, with the title, “Someone stated there have to be an archery movie made with this casting Loll”. In the picturegraph published, it advised EXO’s D.O to be casted because the youngsterager archer Kim Je Deok, g.o.d’s Kim Tae Woo to be casted as archer Kim Woo Jin, and actor Ko Chang Suk to be casted as archer Oh Jin Hyek.

In response, a number of the netizens’ remarks included:


“They appearance so frickin’ comparable Lollll.”

“While looking archery, I idea Mr. Ko Chang Suk went to compete.”

“D.O turned into absolutely desirable in that movie he did with Jo Jung Suk Loll He could suit absolutely well”

“Kim Tae Woo Lolllll It could be an honor for him to play a gold medalist.”

“My sincere feelings……Kyungsoo, I will ensure to look at your movie.”

“Wow, the synchronization with D.O. is amazing.”

“Crazy Lollll.”

“I got here to study this submit with out a whole lot idea, however I were given stunned at how they sincerely appearance absolutely comparable Loll.”

“Crazy, the movie could be so fun.”

“They suit so well, so it is so humorous Lolll.”

“Lolllll They appearance so alike.”

“Lollll I have been questioning why celebrities had been competing on the Olympics Lolll.”

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