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A mum has called out a family-run business after an employee labelled her a “dumb c***” in response to her Facebook message inquiring about a baby pram.

The Aussie shopper had contacted the baby shop via Facebook Messenger asking whether a particular pram was in stock and if she could purchase it without the bassinet.

But she was left lost for words when she received a vulgar response from an employee.

“Unfortunately, the V2 [pram] is sold with the bassinet and the colour mentioned is exclusive to [another store]. You dumb c***,” the employee’s response read, to which the shopper replied: “Excuse me?”

The mum said the message was “not acceptable” and she was left in “complete shock”.

in response to shocking messages The store confirmed that the employee was no longer working for the business.

one time job
“To all our customers, [we] sincerely apologize for our employees’ recent social media behavior. We understand the impact is offensive and inappropriate. And it shouldn’t have happened,” the business said in a statement on Facebook.

“We are deeply disappointed and think this is a one-off event that does not reflect the culture of the employees or the business.

“We are fully committed to improving efficiency throughout our store. and turn this event into an enhanced customer experience for all of our customers.

“The employee in question is no longer working.”

The business later revealed that employees had apologized to customers after they had “sorrowed” over the “embarrassing” accident – but noted that “There is no excuse for this behavior.”

“This message was sent by one of our employees. And we want to make it clear that this is not the language or level of respect we expect from everyone who represents our business,” the store added.

“Please don’t let one example of bad judgment dictate your opinion of the whole business. We are local owners Family run and support the family… for more than 20 years

“Nobody is perfect. but during that time We have almost no flaws. and has helped thousands of mothers and children.”

The business added: “Please accept our apology.”

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