The most beautiful mountain in the world has its own charm and spectacular views. Mountains are one of the most visited tourist attractions by tourists. You can get peace and fresh air when on vacation to the mountains. Besides being able to enjoy the charming scenery you can also be more relaxed.

By going to the mountains then you can release all the fatigue that is in your mind. This is very necessary so that you do not easily experience stress or depression. Vacationing can also make you feel refreshed and increase productivity when you get home. No wonder many people choose to vacation in the mountains because it is very calming.

Here are the most beautiful mountains in the world with spectacular views

Lots of the most beautiful mountains in the world that you can visit. Each mountain is located in the highlands, but some mountains have different locations and have their own uniqueness. You will feel a different sensation every time you visit the mountain. Here are some mountains with spectacular views in the world.

1. Mount Fuji, Japan

This mountain is very famous for being a symbol of Japanese culture. This is what makes tourists curious and want to visit there. The top of this mountain is covered by a fairly thick section of snow. In addition there are 5 lakes in the surrounding area. This mountain is the center of Japanese history and culture.

Around this mountain you can see old temples as well as remnants of ancient ancient cultures. This is a different attraction and is at the heart of the beautiful scenery there. The best time to visit this mountain is around June to August.

2. Mount Arenal, Costa Rica

This mountain area is surrounded by Mount Arenal National Park which is the best place to enjoy the beauty of the lava flows. You also enjoy a variety of natural beauty such as various species of flora and fauna are diverse. This mountain is very comfortable as a vacation spot, there you can do various interesting activities.

One of the exciting activities you can do is ride a bicycle, swim, rafting and so on.

3. Mount St. Helens, USA

This mountain is famous for its eruption incidents that took many victims. During the eruption in 1980, 57 people died and damaged the surrounding area as far as 600 km. This active volcano is quite dangerous because it has a very strong eruption.

However, this mountain becomes charming because it is the area of ​​the Volcanic Mountain National Monument. This is what makes thousands of tourists come to this mountain every year. However, visitors are only allowed to travel up to a distance of 6.4 km from the crater location.

4. Mount Vesuvius, Italy

This mountain is located in a bay called the Bay of Naples. This active volcano last erupted in 1944. This mountain is included in the Vesuvius National Park which has an important role in local culture and mythology. There you can see the remains of the former eruption.

5. Mount Etna, Italy

This mountain is still active today and often emits lava or ash. This mountain is located in the center of Sicily. This mountain has a peak covered by snow and in it there are 40 craters. This view is amazing and you can’t find it anywhere else.

This is what makes many people visit this mountain. Has a height of 3,329 meters above sea level, making this mountain the highest mountain in Europe. This mountain also rents out jeeps and cable cars to make it easier for tourists to get to the top.

6. Mount Kilimanjaro, Tanzania

This mountain has a height of 5,895 meters above sea level. From that height, you can enjoy spectacular natural beauty. This mountain looks unique because it has three peaks with different panoramas.

This mountain has a safe path to climb so it will not be difficult for visitors. This will make your vacation even more enjoyable. Already as many as 20,000 people who visit there every year. On this mountain you can see biodiversity and also many types of animals that live there.

7. Mount Popocatepetl, Mexico

This mountain is also known as Mount El Popo in Mexico. This is an active mountain located 70 km southeast of the city center. In 2013 there was an eruption at this mountain. Despite being an active mountain, this mountain has a beauty at its peak.

At the top of the mountain there is a National Park that attracts many tourists to visit it. There is a monastery that has been built since the 16th century. This monastery was built by Spanish monks who lived on the slopes of the mountain.

8. Mount Thrihnukagigur, Iceland

This mountain gets the title as the most amazing mountain because it has a very charming view. This volcano has been dormant since 4,000 years ago. So it is estimated that this mountain will not be active again. This is what makes this mountain the most amazing tourist attraction.

The uniqueness of this mountain is that tourists can explore the inside of the mountain. You can enter as far as 120 m into the inner area to reach the center of the mountain.

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