Marjorie Taylor Greene – Twitter Bans Congresswoman for Covid Misinformation – NEWS WORLD UPDATE

Twitter has suspended the personal account of US Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene for repeated violations of its rules on disinformation about the coronavirus.

The action against the Republican lawmaker was signed into Twitter’s strike system, which identifies posts about the virus that could cause harm.

The company had previously suspended the Georgia congresswoman four times.

Representative Greene said the ban proved the company “an enemy of the United States.”

In a lengthy statement posted on social media outlet Telegram, the 47-year-old said that “social media platforms cannot prevent the truth from spreading everywhere” and accused Twitter of aiding unidentified enemies in ” a communist revolution. ” .

His official Congressional account, which staff seem to post infrequently, remains active.

The congresswoman’s ban comes after she falsely tweeted Saturday about “extremely high numbers of Covid vaccine deaths” in the US.

In a statement issued to the BBC, a Twitter spokesperson said Rep. Greene has been banned for “repeated” violations of its coronavirus disinformation policy, which allows four “strikes” with different suspensions from the platform, before broadcasting. a permanent ban.

The social media giant had given him a fourth strike in August after he falsely posted that coronavirus vaccines were “failing” and asked regulators not to approve new vaccines.

“We have made it clear that under our strike system for this policy, we will permanently suspend accounts for repeated violations of the policy,” the spokesperson said.

Since her election in 2020, Representative Greene has become one of Washington’s most controversial politicians.

She has openly supported former President Donald Trump’s unsubstantiated claims that the 2020 presidential election was rigged and has been associated with the QAnon conspiracy theory in the past.

Even as the United States struggles to contain the coronavirus, which has now killed more than 825,000 people, she has resolutely opposed measures designed to combat the virus.

She has frequently questioned the efficacy of vaccines and has been regularly fined for refusing to follow Covid guidelines in Congress, including those related to wearing masks on the House floor.

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