Likud MC told the ethics committee that the coalition members were “imprisoned.” – Let’s See Todays News Updates

“We have to put them in a cage or they will kill us.”

Likud MC expels David Amsalem from the Knesset on October 4, 2021.

Likud member David Amsalem, a politician and political activist, filed a complaint with the Knesset’s ethics committee last week over threats against his political rivals.
During an open Twitter Space discussion, Amsalem said he should “wait” for the Supreme Court and “jail” leftists.
During the discussion, he angrily said that “a mad, Bolshevik, anti-Zionist group has taken over the country,” which was recorded and broadcast on social media and in the Israeli media. “[Former] Prime Minister [Benjamin] Netanyahu is a messenger from God. He is the most important Jewish leader of 100-150 years.”
He then announced that the people would vote for Likud to win the next election and make drastic changes as soon as he came to power. His first statement was to cut the salaries of anti-government officials.
Amsalem also said that if he becomes chairman of the Knesset, the current members of the coalition will not be included in the assembly. “They can go to the Supreme Court. We will immediately replace the judges there on the day of the victory,” he said. Begin’s story of “there are judges in Jerusalem” is over. We will overcome them. “

Speaking on behalf of the government, Dudi Amsalem, a spokesman for the government and the Knesset, criticized MK Mickey Levy for proposing amendments on November 4, 2020.

They will pass a law that will not recover for 20 years, and the word justice will be removed to control it. It doesn’t exist now. We must imprison them with a pen, or they will kill us. Leftists are the richest people in the country. “
He went on to say that members of the Arab Knesset considered Jews to be fools and took Jewish money.
“The Arabs walk around the Knesset as public officials and say, ‘Jews are stupid, we take their money too, and they build cities for us, too,’” he said. “Arabs don’t pay property taxes, electricity or water – they break the law. Thousands of huts – the Negev is entirely theirs.
As a result of these comments, the Knesset’s newly formed Ethics Committee received several complaints. Michal Rosin of Merets filed his first complaint to the committee, fearing that his remarks would lead to “provocation and real violence.”
Another complaint to the anti-Amsalem committee is Amir Haskel, a political activist and leader of the anti-Netanyahu protests in front of the Prime Minister’s Palace in Jerusalem in 2020 and 2021. “I’m tired of Amsalem’s gossip,” he said.
An ethics committee was set up without the consent of the opposition, and the opposition members, who were soon ordered to join, were initially disputed.
A resident of northern Israel has filed a complaint with the local police department in Rosh Pina over the violence. He told Wall! Initially, he took his explanation of the overcoming of the left as an expression, but later heard him talk about the future he planned for when he was in power, which led him to complain.

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