LadBaby aims to set a record for the Christmas list – with the help of Ed Sheeran and Elton John – NEWS WORLD UPDATE

LadBaby is preparing for the fourth British Christmas first in a row – with the help of Ed Sheeran and Elton John.

YouTube stars Mark and Roxanne Hoyle have been raising money for the Trussell Trust food bank charity with their sausage roll singles since 2018.

This year’s rehearsal is a cheeky version of Ed and Elton’s Merry Christmas, the Sausage Roll for Everyone.

LadBaby can overtake the Spice Girls and the Beatles like most consecutive Christmas songs.

In the 1960s, the Beatles achieved three, and the Spice Girls did the same in the ’90s, and LadBaby broke the record for the past three years.

Sheeran was the last performer in front of the Nottinghamshire couple, who made their festive first with their 2017 love song Perfect.

The star said he was “proud” to be able to support and star in the LadBaby single this Christmas.

“All the proceeds are donated to The Trussell Trust, which is a very wonderful and important charity, so be sure to mediate, buy and replay it,” Sheeran said.

In a statement, Hoyle said, “Ed and Elton are pop royalty, and they’ve both been a huge success at Christmas, so it’s an honor and excitement to be able to help families together this Christmas … with the power of sausage rolls.”

The charity song will be released on December 17th, but bookmakers have already made it a favorite at the top of the festive hit charts.

Proceeds from Ed and Elton’s original song will also be donated to charity – between the Ed Sheeran Suffolk Music Foundation and the Elton John Aids Foundation.

However, the stars are facing tough competition this year, with Gary Barlow, Abba and Adele all competing on the holiday list; and the eternal favorites of Mariah Carey and Wham! already in the top 10.

Here is a guide for all competitors.

Ed Sheeran and Elton John – Merry Christmas

There is no commonplace in the brilliantly decorated ode of kissing around the tree and under the mistletoe.

The video pays homage to dozens of past Christmas classics, recreating scenes from Last Christmas, Walking in the Air, Stay Another Day and the David Bowie / Bing Crosby duo, Little Drummer Boy.

Released last Friday, it has garnered 46,265 sales in the first five days and is almost certain to make it into the Weekly Top 40. But will LadBaby withstand the onset of sausage rolls? The proof is in the Christmas pudding.

LadBaby, Ed Sheeran and Elton John – Sausage Rolls for Everyone

Have A Word Pod ft Finnlay K – Laura’s Gone

Humorists Adam Rowe and Dan Nightingale present a joke running on their Have A Word podcast in which Dan says his wife, Laura, has left him.

Dan replies, “Where did he go?” And the hosts and their guests tell more and more bizarre stories about Laura’s gentle, new suitors and world-famous adventures.

It somehow became a song written and performed by the duo’s producer, Finnlay. Presumably funny if you’re in it for a joke, otherwise it sounds like a Stereophonics b-page.

However, Dan and Adam support a good cause, all proceeds for Zoë’s Place Baby Hospice, which provides palliative care for terminally ill children, and the Childhood Eye Cancer Trust.

Adele’s returning singles have topped the charts over the past seven weeks, facing heavyweight races by Ed Sheeran, Taylor Swift and Dua Lipa.

Because the album’s streams are strong, the song may last until Christmas – but the weirdness of the list rules can make it harder.

To prevent old songs from clogging the top 40, translators use an “accelerated decline” rule that if a song’s sales decline for three weeks in a row, it needs 300 streams to count as a “sale”. . from the usual 150: 1 ratio.

Easy On Me sales fell from 100,627 to 69,372 last week. If the trend continues, Adele will start an accelerated decline on the Christmas graph.

His current sales, even without this penalty, are less than the 157,733 LadBaby singles sold last Christmas week, so his chances seem slim.

Mariah Carey – All I want for Christmas is you

He’s been asking for 27 years, but Mariah Carey still hasn’t pulled on her stockings (oh, faithful).

But what it has is the equivalent of Coca-Cola’s “The Holidays Are Coming” bell. Christmas only really begins when its tinsel almonds appear on the radio.

Forever in the top 10 of Christmas, it took first place last year, but was replaced by LadBaby before the big day. It’s already in the top three this year, though according to the rules of the hit charts, the number of streaming old songs should be halved when calculating the top 40.

The competition is too big to reach the top this year. Nevertheless, all but the top five places are guaranteed.

Bookmakers multiplier: 33/1

Lathums – Krampus

Earlier this year, Wiganian band The Lathums beat Drake to number one with their debut album How Beautiful Life Can Be. Now they are hoping to make a similar upheaval on their Christmas charts with their festive offerings.

Technically an anti-Christmas song set at the end of the world, frontman Alex Moore sings, “Santa’s not coming this year / Your Christmas is going to be missed anyway.”

The darkness of the lyrics, inspired by an episode of BBC Two’s comedy series Inside No.9, is offset by a tumultuous Merseybeat shuffle.

If you love your Christmas pudding with a serving of salt, this is for you.

Bookmakers multiplier: 33/1

George Ezra – Come home for Christmas

Amazon Music has been featuring new Christmas songs for a few years now, adding them to their festive playlists, and launching deceptive attacks into the top 40.

The tactic has already produced the number one single in Ellie Goulding’s 2019 remake of Joni Mitchell River. This year, George Ezra recorded a new version of Charles Brown’s song Come On Home For Christmas.

Wearing a Santa Claus outfit recorded in September, Ezra said the song’s message hit after the 2020 ordeal.

“Last year was the first Christmas I experienced when, completely out of anyone’s control, we couldn’t see the people we were hoping for. I think it resonated with the selection of the song.”

Come On Home For Christmas is in the top 10 for the first time this week.

Bookmakers multiplier: 50/1

Abba – Little things

Until this year, Abba’s only Christmas recording was a brief greeting on a 1982 Smash Hits flex album called Happy Christmas From The Stars.

That changed when they retired in September and announced Voyage, their first album in 39 years.

The third number is Little Things, a gentle ode to waking up early in the Christmas morning and expecting kids to open their stockings.

Despite the presence of voice recorders, glockenspiels, and a children’s choir, Benny Andersson didn’t initially think about the melody of the Christmas song, co-writer Bjorn Ulvaeus said.

“But the moment I heard it, I said it couldn’t be anything else. It’s early, early Christmas morning. The stockings are hanging in there, and then this couple wakes up.”

Bookmakers multiplier: 66/1

Gary Barlow and Sheridan Smith – What Christmas Should Be Like

In 1993, Mr. Blobb deprived Take That of Christmas first place. Gary Barlow is now back with a full Christmas song, The Dream Of Christmas.

The lead single is How Christmas Is Supposed To Be – a duet with Sheridan Smith that decorates the Christmas tree when they decorate the Christmas tree. Not a New York tale, but your mom will like it.

Bookmakers multiplier: 100/1

Gypsy Pistoleros – Livin La Vida Loca (World Anthem)

Gypsy Pistoleros is basically a flamenco version of Kiss – a shoddy glam-rock band wearing Day of the Dead makeup.

Their number one Christmas offer is a re-run of Livin ’La Vida Loca, replacing the original joy of life with bleak pub band clichés.

The most redeeming feature of the song is that the proceeds will go to housing and the Shelter charity for the homeless.

An early ad campaign helped him get a good chance, but with only 20,000 people watching the video in a month, his ranking slipped.

Bookmakers multiplier: 100/1

Andy & The Odd Socks – Merry Christmas everyone

The first Children In Need Christmas single was released courtesy of CBeebies ’longest-running presenter, Andy Day, and his band, Odd Socks.

According to the story, “Pudsey himself posed the challenge to the gang and asked them to come up with a catchy Christmas single that would raise money for the appeal.”

The cover of Shakin ‘Stevens’ classic Merry Christmas Everyone has been removed. Shakey himself makes a cameo after figuring out what’s behind the green door (in his Advent calendar).

Bookmakers multiplier: 200/1

Odds from William Hill.

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