Keith Olbermann’s attack on Mitt Romney’s large family is a sign of deep cultural decay. – Let’s See Todays News Updates

It is a sad fact that in 2021, photos of large families in the United States are becoming increasingly rare

Senator Mitt Romney speaks on stage with his wife, Ann, and other family members at an election night party after his victory in Orem, Utah, on Tuesday, November 6, 2018.

This year, during Hanukkah, we took our annual photo shoot with my husband’s parents. They sit on the swings of our sister-in-law’s terrace, surrounded by their grandchildren, thank God, and multiply almost every year. They shine with joy and pride in these pictures; you can almost see them radiating. Their marriage is their greatest achievement, and you can see that their faces, smiles, and eyes are shining.
This Christmas, Mitt and Ann Romney posted a similar photo of their family, which is even bigger than ours. Five children, a spouse, and all of their children had to be photographed almost from space. I don’t know how many grandchildren they have yet; they may not even know themselves. In 2013, Politico magazine published a humorous account of how many grandchildren Romney had.
But the reality is that Romney’s family photos are as big as they will be in America in 2021.
Counting the number of grandchildren is truly unimaginable happiness. But that’s not the case for Kate Olbermann, a former TV presenter and media worker who tweeted just days after Romney’s Christmas tweet.

To give you some context, I asked Google who Kate Alberman was, and I was like, “What is Kate Albermann doing now?” This is the highest search query associated with his name. He appears to have resigned from ESPN to start a political review on YouTube. It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post.

Albermann is one of two children who have never been married and have no children. Romney, a wealthy and successful businessman who has almost become president and is now a US senator, is living the most enviable life in the country. But like my in-laws, you can tell from the look on his family’s face that he is satisfied with his political power, not his wealth. Of course, Romney’s joy came from being surrounded by his children and grandchildren and his loving wife.
Alberman’s speech, meanwhile, is an example of a major cultural decay caused by misplaced priorities in society. A large, happy family was the goal of many Americans, but today it is becoming less and less common. Having many children and grandchildren around was part of the American dream; now it’s anti-cultural curiosity. Unfortunately, part of the problem facing our nation is that there are far more Keith Albermans than Mitt Romney.
The quiet part of Alberman’s tweet is loud – that’s what the media thinks about Mitt Romney and people like him. In their eyes, Romney is not blessed, and his life is not desirable.
But they are wrong. Fortunately, the bow of history is long. And finally Mitt leans over to Romney. A century from now, there will be countless branches of the Romney family heritage in the world. It may be cruel to emphasize this, but it is a reality. To put it bluntly, someone asked Google, “Who is Kate Albermann?” Romney’s family will expand.

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