Joe Joyce called out Joshua’s winner against Usyk as Brit Juggernaut clashed with Christian Hammer to close out the world champion title, News MMA

JOE JOYCE survived a close shave with Christian Hammer last night and can now try and cut Anthony Joshua.

Putney Juggernaut, 36, sparked a war of words with former Team GB trainers in the strong German fighter’s fourth-round KO build.

Days before Joyce headed to Wembley to crush the 34-year-old Hamburg, after a few days of panicking, AJ mocked him for an advertisement for a custom-designed electric shaver. especially for men

And the fine arts graduate – who was expecting Oleksandr Usyk to win an August 20 match against AJ, leaving the London 2012 Olympics icon to seek a return to competition – now wants the scalp of his dream-filled opponent. with his thorns

6ft 6in British style hammer with head and body selection when starting to open.

But Hammer tested the famous Englishman’s beard with a piledriver’s hat-trick that terrified the London crowd.

Three swirling right hands knocked saliva and snot from Joyce’s nose and mouth. But a figure with a granite chin walked through the attack.

The hammer still swayed back and forth in a second and daunted again on the cleaning area. But Joyce’s steel jaw refused to betray him.

Joyce got his fans on their feet in the third when the chubby German was dressed and he was bludgeoned to his knee on the bell on eight counts.

The hammer was folded early in the fourth when his beef rib was hit again and again. with the remaining two minutes long And it was waved when the third floor came from the trembling of another body.

Joyce, who will punch again in September, roared: “He was strong and game-play and hit me with big shots early on.

“I really enjoyed it because it had been a year since I last left.

“I usually shoot a few early shots until I warm up in the fight and keep my foot and head movements going.

“I have a good heart and engine. and have a good chin And I’m ready for everyone

“I want the winner of AJ and Usyk.”

Joshua, 32, may have ignited Joyce’s displeasure when he responded to the remarks. He’s a flashy businessman. As the interrogation war with his friend who became his enemy intensified,

The former two-time world heavyweight king sarcastically said “We all try to promote something and become business people. He’s promoting the ball guard. I don’t.

“What is good for him is not for me. I don’t curse him so he has to focus on himself.”

“I don’t have a chin like Joe Joyce, and I don’t want to fight either.

“But wish him luck. He’s on my hit list. but in good time He will get what is coming to him.

“I think he needs a fight because he’s older. He has been punched 14 times. I’m looking at his record. And it’s not much, right? So I think he needs it.”

If Joyce gets shot at AJ, he’ll thank the worst man in the world.

Joshua said: “Fighting for trophies is about honoring your brothers and sisters in sport. giving them a chance to make a living That’s what the great Mike Tyson said.

“It’s about fighting for prizes. And if I live 100 percent what the icon tells me, I’ll give Joe a chance.”

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