In the Seattle election, PAC’s spending exceeded $ 3 million, and real estate and business money rose late – Let’s See Todays News Updates

Political action committees spent more than $ 3 million on independent spending in Seattle’s election this year, a record high due to late growth in donor support from real estate and the business world.
PACs with such donors spent nearly $ 800,000 in a race for mayor, city attorney and city council just before Tuesday’s voting period, and Seattle Health, Change Seattle and the National Realtors Foundation reported significant spending in the past two weeks.
Their spending was even greater than that of the mayor, Bruce Harrell, and M. Lorena Gonzalez, and individuals and unions wrote huge scrutiny of the process.
Independent spending totaled $ 3.4 million, almost three times the city’s total of four positions in the 2017 election. Such costs cannot be reconciled with actual candidates.
Seattle has reported spending about $ 360,000 since Oct. 12, most of it spent last week. The money was mostly used to send an assault mail to Nicole Thomas-Kennedy, a candidate for city prosecutor.
PAC has more than 100 donors, including some small donors. However, most of the money came in between $ 5,000 and $ 25,000 in checks. The best donors are Goodman Real Estate’s John Goodman; Steve Gordon of Gordon Trucking; Vulcan real estate; shipping distribution company Salchuk; real estate company Sabey Corporation; John of Wright Runstad & Company, Judith Runstad; Brad Smith, President of Microsoft, and Michael Thomsen, Investor.
Change Seattle reported spending about $ 233,000 since Oct. 12, mostly to send mail attacking board candidate Nikkita Oliver. PAC has more than 180 donors, including several small donors.

The best donors are Vulcan; Salchuk; John, Judith Ranstad; Mariners co-owner Christopher Larson; PAC for Seattle hotel and restaurant owners; PAC, Washington State Branch of the Commercial Real Estate Development Association; and the PAC of the Washington Multi-Family Housing Association.
The National Realtors Foundation, which spent $ 191,000 on Oct. 14, split between mail and online advertising in support of mayoral candidate Bruce Harrell and Oliver’s ninth-place opponent, Sarah Nelson.
Thomas-Kennedy, Oliver and current 8th-ranked candidate Theresa Mosceda held a press conference with labor leaders on Monday to protest the PAC spending of “bosses and landowners.” They and Gonzalez are fighting Harrell, city attorneys Ann Davison and Nelson, and eighth-place candidate Kenneth Wilson. These candidates noted the support of a wide range of people in their campaigns.
The council’s current president, Gonzalez, sponsored a law last year that barred companies with foreign investors, such as Amazon, from spending independently or through the Social Security Administration.
For most of the year, PAC costs were relatively even, with Bruce Harrell spending more than $ 1 million against Seattle’s future against Harrell and Gonzalez, and Lorena’s key employees spending less than $ 1 million against Gonzalez and Harrell.
Several top donors to Bruce Harrell for the future of Seattle have contributed to Seattle’s drive for sanity or change. Important workers for Lorena are funded by hotels, supermarkets and trade unions for health workers.
Other PACs are involved and spend less. For example, the PAC of the Seattle Firefighters Association recently reported spending more than $ 100,000 to support Harrell and Nelson, while the PAC, partly funded by businesses affiliated with businessman Nick Hanauer, reported spending $ 86,000 against Oliver and Nelson.
Seattle’s candidates raised more than $ 6 million this year, a record, and more than $ 4 million from eight candidates in Tuesday’s election.

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