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In Argentina, human rights have become another victim of political extremism.

Yesterday coincided with two important events – International Human Rights Day, which is celebrated every year on December 10, but this year was the highlight of Alberto Fernandez’s presidency in France (his predecessor, Mauricio Macri). concluded that). it is called Primer Tiempo). Which of these two milestones to be proud of may seem daunting, but the now-defunct Buenos Aires Herald (known for its human rights record during the last military dictatorship) has no real choice for this humble branch.
Human rights means more than filling the Plaza de Mayo that day (even with the participation of Luis Inacio Lula da Silva), but it has overcome one of the various false challenges that have emerged in recent years. Forty years ago, too many groups that had spontaneously marched under the banner of human rights were taken hostage by political opportunists, undermining or even undermining their basic principles. There was every reason for them to feel indebted to a very generous regime, for it became increasingly clear that it was becoming a betrayal in return for making their work more prestigious and cooperating. Left-wing dictators such as Nicaragua, Venezuela and Cuba have recently set a clear double standard (yesterday marked the 38th anniversary of Argentina’s return to democracy and International Human Rights Day). However, the justified criticism of these double standards is that one or both of the human rights activists are proposing to expand the infant drowning, making human rights another victim of political extremism.
Everyone, like everything else, has human rights, past, present, and future, and remains incomplete without three hours. Whatever the next deviation, let’s not forget the courage and value of the mothers and grandmothers of the Plaza de Mayo of their time, and the common horror of the “old news” today does not prevent Armando from celebrating cinema.

Bo must have included the life work of former Herald editor Robert Cox. However, human rights issues cannot remain frozen in the past, which has protected the interests of the parties that are currently filling them. Here and now we focus on one case where the police killed Lucas Gonzalez, while many others focus on the murder of a woman, the prison situation, the rights of Indigenous peoples, and all kinds of social injustice. In either case, there are right and wrong approaches to these issues – we have seen human rights (countering state terrorism) in a detailed definition that are all vulnerable to exploitation and violence by those who hold political axes. The dictatorship of 1976-1983 and its aftermath), but they all make it possible to change human rights by renewing their similarity to their basic principles.
So the past and the present should not be allowed to deny each other, it leaves the future – this is not what we see, but it should not deny the preventive and corrective action on the human rights front.
There are only a few lines left, which is another important milestone in Alberto Fernandez’s presidency. Yesterday marked another important milestone – the official reshuffle of Congress, in which new members were sworn in, a reminder that the leaders of Frente de Todos’s election clashes last month, especially the Peronist Senate majority, were more interrupted than ever before. Filling the Plaza de Mayo may seem like a victory for some government supporters, but the full square is more than half of the 124,334 votes needed to elect each of Frente de Todos’ 15 deputies to Congress in Buenos Aires yesterday. It is clear that the highest growth in Argentina’s history this year was not only the epidemic, but also insufficient to offset the previous damage caused by its management – only a third of the population hopes that the economy will improve. In the new poll. The first half of the current president’s presidency has seen almost the worst contraction in Argentina’s history, while the second has perhaps the highest growth, which has evidently avoided any brief summary.
In the end, it’s not just the economy, it’s stupid – leave space to protect human rights. .

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