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Hong Kong to Tighten Its Strict Quarantine Rules

Carrie Lam, the city’s chief executive, said Hong Kong planned to strengthen its quarantine requirements in an effort to allow residents to travel to mainland China without quarantining.

We are caught in a sort of a dilemma because in order to resume some quarantine-free travel with the mainland, we have to ensure that our anti-Covid-19 practices are more in line with the mainland practices so that the mainland authorities will have the level of confidence to enable Hong Kong people to go into the mainland without being subject to the 14-day, plus 7-day quarantine. If Hong Kong were to loosen the border controls for people arriving from overseas or adopt what other countries have done, so-called to live with the Covid-19 virus, then the chances of resuming travel with the mainland will be reduced. It is a very simple hypothesis, and so I can only say to those representing the financial sector that we have to look at it in context. The context is Hong Kong’s primary advantage lies in being the gateway to the mainland of China. If businesses established in Hong Kong could not go into the mainland, I think it will significantly reduce the attraction of Hong Kong as an international business hub and an international financial center.

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