Heavy snowfall wreaks havoc in Belgrade and much of Serbia

Heavy snowfall has covered Belgrade and much of Serbia

Many areas across the country reported power cuts and damages to buildings due to falling trees. The icy conditions saw trucks skidding across the roads and getting stuck while ploughs were being used to pull them out.

Much of western Serbia was without electricity as authorities warned against unnecessary travel and appealed to people in Serbia to conserve power.

In the capital, several trees fell under the weight of the heavy snow, damaging cars and buildings. Some people had to be rescued after being trapped in their damaged vehicles.

Flights from Belgrade’s main airport were grounded for several hours because of the weather conditions and a power cut to the main terminal. A highway leading to the airport was closed because of the snowfall.

Emergency services have been assisting authorities in the cleanup operation throughout Sunday, while another alert for more snow and ice has been issued.

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