Harry Kane is now on a collision track with Tottenham, says Gary Neville – update sport news

Gary Neville: “Harry Kane and Tottenham were already on the collision track at the end of last season and picked up Daniel Levy. Failing to compromise could be a little confusing for a few weeks.”

Tuesday, August 3, 2021, 8:08 PM, United Kingdom

Harry Kane did not show up at Tottenham practice on Monday and Tuesday

Gary Neville believes “something substantially wrong” has happened behind the scenes for Harry Kane to go on strike at Tottenham, and the player is now in conflict with President Daniel Levy.

Kane announced Covid and other pre-season tests to the club’s Enfield training base on Monday morning after a three-week break after the European Championships.

However, the 28-year-old refused to take part, drawn firm lines of battle in his attempts to move to Manchester City, and was absent again on Tuesday. It goes without saying that he wants to return to the club at the end of the week, but his reputation has been damaged.

As Tottenham maintains throughout the saga that they have no intention of selling a player who still has three years left on his contract, Sky Sports expert Neville says his views on the extraordinary developments.


If Harry Kane had to report for a pre-season workout at Tottenham on Monday, he should have returned. You can never support any player from signing up for training – it’s that simple.

You need to show up and do your job. However, I worked with Harry and I can’t remember a professional soccer player I’ve ever seen.

It still doesn’t excuse me. You should still have come into training and you respect your teammates. You still have to go, get out with them, and sit down in the locker room, but now it’s clear there’s a collision.

Gary Neville says Harry Kane is wrong to skip Tottenham training, but she understands why the striker wants to leave the club and Manchester City are interested in the English captain.

They were already on the collision track at the end of last season when Harry clearly felt something was happening and picked up Daniel Levy. Not many do this and not many come out from the other side, but it will be interesting to see which clubs are involved.

He looks like Manchester City and has clearly made an offer that is not enough for Spurs. Harry thinks it’s enough, while Daniel thinks it’s not. Hopefully they will be able to reach a compromise, but whether it succeeds is yet to come.

What if an agreement cannot be reached?

Harry Kane’s second day didn’t show up at Tottenham’s gym, but is expected to return this weekend due to further uncertainty about the striker’s future at Spurs

If you can’t compromise, it can be confusing for a few weeks as Harry clearly wants to leave. There is no doubt about it – now everyone can see it.

A few months ago, everyone could see it, and I see why. He wants to continue to win trophies and challenge championship titles.

Will Tottenham do that? Probably not in the next two to three years – they haven’t done in the last 20-30 years, except for one or two challenges.

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