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Strictly speaking, star Gorka Marquez has said reports that some pro dancers on the show refuse to be vaccinated against Covid are “just speculation”.

Saturday’s show is slated to go ahead as planned after The Sun released that three of the professional dancers are unvaccinated.

The BBC said it had not confirmed the vaccination status of anyone on the show, adding, “This is not our place.”


Marquez told This Morning that everyone can make their own choice.

His celebrity dance partner, soap star Katie McGlynn, added that whether or not to vaccinate “depends on each individual”.

“None of our business”
Speaking to ITV on Thursday, Marquez said, “What I do know is that the show has a huge responsibility to keep everyone safe.

“Lots of tests, lots of attempts to keep everyone in the studio at a safe distance. They did it last year, we were all safe, so they do the same thing this year and it will work because we did it last year. “

When asked about the vaccination reports, he replied: “Everyone can do what they want.

“You take to the streets now and some people might be vaccinated and others might not.”

McGlynn said the vaccine decision “depends on each individual”, adding, “Personally, I don’t know each individual’s situation because it’s none of our business, because we have to part with everyone else.

“But they all look like a house on fire and seem to gel well, and I think that’s all speculation.”

McGlynn noted that this year’s show dancers have “a little more freedom” than they did last year when vaccines were not readily available.

She said if she was worried about catching or spreading Covid, she would stay away from her family for the duration of the show.

In a speech on ITV’s Lorraine on Thursday, celebrity chef and social media star Tilly Ramsay emphasized that the show’s producers were working “so hard” on health and safety.

Ramsay, daughter of famous chef Gordon, will waltz with her partner Nikita Kuzmin on the long-running BBC One show on Saturday.

When asked if the program was strict on Covid protocols, she replied, “It definitely is.

“First of all, I think it’s just amazing that they even got the show off the ground,” she said. “They work so hard to make sure everyone is safe and I think we definitely feel safe there.”

The couple confirmed they were in a bladder and had regular tests.

In an updated statement released Thursday, the BBC said it was “not the case” that someone threatened to stop Strictly Come Dancing because of the Covid-19 vaccination series or raised concerns with the BBC or the show’s production team.

The company said, “A lot has been written about vaccination and strictness in the past few days. The BBC has not commented on or confirmed the vaccination status of anyone on the show. This is not our place.

“It is not the case that dancers or celebrities raised or threatened to quit vaccination concerns with the BBC or the Strictly production team.

We have strict procedures in place to protect those on the show and the wider production. Among the many measures on Strictly, the dancers are regularly tested to be in close contact with their partners.

“The cast, crew, and everyone working on Strictly are focused on the first live show this weekend and are delivering another brilliant series.”

Interest in the strictly vaccination speculation reached Washington DC on Wednesday, where the Prime Minister gave his opinion to journalists.

“I think that’s up to [Strictly] producers, but I really believe people should get vaccinated,” he said.

“I don’t want to bully or lecture people, but I don’t mind teaching them, I’ll teach them: I think it’s a great thing to do for yourself, your family, your community.

“I think people should get a stab and it’s a wonderful thing.”

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