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A German-Muslim convert who joined the Islamic State Group in Iraq was sentenced to 10 years imprisonment in Munich for the murder of a Yazidi girl she and her husband bought as a slave.

Jennifer Wenisch was considered an accomplice in a war crime when her husband left the five-year-old chained to death in the blazing sun outside.

The man von Wenisch, an Iraqi jihadist, is on trial in Frankfurt.

The girl died in Fallujah in 2015.

Wenisch, 30, denied the charges. Her lawyers said the child’s mother, Nora, was an unreliable witness and they claimed there was no evidence of the girl’s actual death. Nora and the girl had been enslaved by IS along with many other Yazidis.

The verdict on husband Taha al-Jumailly is expected next month.

It is one of the first cases in which an IS crime against the Yazidi community is on trial. The Yazidis, a Kurdish group from northern Iraq, were a particular target of IS brutality.

Little has been tried in Germany because of the legal principle of universal jurisdiction, which allows alleged war crimes, including genocide, to be prosecuted abroad. She was arrested in Turkey in 2016 and then extradited to Germany, reports the AFP news agency.

Little is said to have served in an IS “anti-vice force” that enforced strict Islamic rules in Mosul and Fallujah.

London-based human rights attorney Amal Clooney was part of the legal team representing the girl’s mother.

In 2014 IS fighters stormed into the ancestral heartland of the Yazidis in northern Iraq and captured thousands of women and children as slaves.

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