Game News – Back 4 Blood Campaign Trailer Gives A Primer On Its Blood-Soaked Story – ZM-MEDIA CORPORATIONS

With all the focus on Back 4 Blood’s four-player cooperative action, it’s easy to forget that there’s a story propelling the zombie-infected adventure. A new trailer touches on some of the game’s narrative beats before it launches on October 12.

The video doesn’t give away a ton of plot details but it does introduce players to “Mom”, the foul-mouthed leader of the eight Cleaners they’ll control. She may getting on in years but she’s clearly no pushover, and that’s good. She’s got to wrangle a group of disparate personalities from different backgrounds all united under one goal: take back a world overrun by monsters. The video also touches on the emergence and subsequent spread of the Devil Worm, the mysterious parasite responsible for transforming most of the population into mindless, flesh-eating zombies.

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