From “Partygate” in 2021, the British press has sharpened its teeth again and held its leaders accountable. – Let’s See Todays News Updates

From Pippa Crarer to Jane Merrick in the Mirror shows the restored media (well, forget Pierce Morgan came out of the studio)

The muscles of the British press have shrunk considerably since the time of Fleet Street, but 2021 was a year when an old dog reopened its teeth and tore off some of those in power.
Pippa Crerara, the political editor of the Daily Mirror, who has repeatedly denounced Boris Johnson’s team on Downing Street and other high-ranking government officials for abusing the lock-in rules, deserves no more.
In November, Crerar broke the history of the Partygate, revealing that Johnson organized a Christmas Q&A session for staff and a more dubious party involving former Education Secretary Gavin Williamson and Conservative London mayoral candidate Sean Bailey.
Three years ago, when he joined the newspaper, he was required to work four days a week to spend more time with his three children, but the amazing Crerer was one of the journalists who uncovered Dominic Cummings’ escape to Darkham in 2020.
The tightening of ministerial oversight was evident in the insult to former Secretary of Health Matt Hancock, who was arrested along with Gina Coladangelo, an aide to the Ministry of Health. Hancock reluctantly resigned.
On the other side of the media, the Financial Times revealed the role of former Prime Minister David Cameron in advising Greensill Capital on the scandal and the collapsed financial company. Cameron, on behalf of Greensill, has set aside £ 7 million for part-time work such as lobbying ministers.

But it was Partygate that really resonated with the plague-weary public. Anger escalated to a new level when ITV News’ Paul Brand Channel 10 staff refused to host a Christmas party and found evidence of laughter and jokes.
The brand report, which began in January with a bold message from Robert Moore, a mobster who stormed the Washington Capitol, was part of a remarkable year for ITV News, highlighting the shame of thousands of lives as Britain’s public housing stock dwindled. Includes an unforgettable report by Daniel Hewitt.
How influential is this report? Partygate led to the resignation of former Prime Minister’s spokeswoman Allegra Stratton and influenced the by-elections in North Shropshire. But the Prime Minister was nothing without patience, and spent his Christmas resurrection plan. The sun has taken Hancock’s scalp, but he seems to be planning to return to government. The depiction of the Moore Uprising did not dampen the ambitions of Donald Trump’s recent presidency.
In the post-modern era of political truth, it is difficult to avoid the conclusion that overcoming a temporary storm of bad news, no matter how good journalism is, is much easier. However, these scoops should remind the public of the value of a powerful media outlet.
This is due to non-political reports, such as my colleague Jane Merrick’s early warning about Omicron, The Guardian’s “Me Too” report on actor and producer Noel Clark, and the Daily Mail’s chronic failure of the Metropolitan Police.

But 2021 was a year when the British media was weakened by the unrest. This was most evident in BBC News, where its director, Frank Unsworth, political editor Laura Queensberg (who will work on other BBC projects), North American editor John Sopel, and ubiquitous presenter Andrew Marr have resigned. Join LBC.
Other senior BBC reporters and producers have left the newsroom this year as part of the agency’s downsizing program. The BBC has also lost Newsnight editor Esme Wren to Channel 4 News, which is in transition with the departure of longtime editor Ben de Pierre and angel host John Snow. The future of the show is in doubt due to the government’s proposal to privatize Channel 4.
The most chaotic was the launch of GB News, the most anticipated media launch in 2021. The news channel, now the platform of former Brexit leader Nigel Farage and political activist Darren Grimes, has become just like its first chairman. Andrew Neal promised not.
While Neil thought he should leave GB News, Pierce Morgan left the British show Good Morning after criticizing Megan Markle. Rupert Murdoch watched both of these events closely, using GB News as a canary in the mine and starring Morgan on his future right-wing channel, TalkTV.
Murdoch’s participation in this year’s fictional media event is still unavoidable: Sky Atlantic / HBO’s latest series, Succession, inspires his family. He, along with Morgan and Neil, hopes to make more headlines in 2022, when the press will continue to show its sharpened teeth again.

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