Former politicians need to answer 97 questions about the private sector before they can get a job. – Let’s See Todays News Updates

Victorian opposition leader Matthew Guy (pictured) is preparing for the 2022 state election and is strongly opposed to a tough ban by Dan Andrews.

The 97 new questions to test a candidate for parliament were called “too many.”
The new screen will be brought before the 2022 Victorian election
Candidates’ sexual history, alcohol and drug use will be taken into account
The updated “excessive” screening process for potential political candidates will examine sexual histories, social media articles, alcoholism, and drug use.
Political candidates running for the Liberal Party of Victoria will be required to answer a complete 97-question form.
Questions range from a candidate’s financial status, such as debt and real estate interests, to relationships with the tax authorities, to whether there was a traffic violation, or whether he or she was “holding a protest slogan.”
There are also very personal questions for the party to prevent any embarrassing scandals.
Candidates will be asked if they have had family problems in the past five years, whether they have visited a sex shop, strip club or brothel.
The new process was introduced by Victor Clark, president of the Victorian Liberal Party, in response to his defeat in the 2018 election, and modeled on the successful methods used in NSW and Tasmania.
The answers will be evaluated by the Applicant Review Committee before the 2022 state election, and any “poor quality” candidates will be judged.
Relevant links should be provided to dating profiles, social media accounts, and online reviews so that competitors can check in before the dirt digging expedition.
Labor has previously been successful in obtaining embarrassing articles and information about Liberal and Green Party candidates.
Under former Prime Minister John Brumbi, Labor had a committee called the “dirt unit” funded by taxpayers, whose sole purpose was to discredit the opposition.

Mr. Guy (pictured with his wife, Renae Stoicos) will lead the Liberals in the election, and he hopes that tougher scrutiny of the candidates will alleviate the potential scandal.

But Dr. Christopher Scanlon, a social commentator at Dickey University, said the poll was “an attack on personal and personal information.”

He said the questions could lead to candidates with no real experience.
“We can get to the point where we don’t have strong views, we don’t like risk, we get a lot of vanilla politicians,” he told the Herald Sun.
Victorian opposition leader Matthew Guy has promised that there will be no more congestion under his government.
Mr Guy made the promise during an event to mark the one-year anniversary of the South Dandenong state election on Saturday morning.
“The Liberals and the National Parties have been here for 12 months to make a very clear promise to the Victorians in the next election. If not, they will not be locked up,” he said to applause from the crowd.
Mr Guy said the Victorians were suffering from the “negative” nature of the Andrews Labor government, which had locked Covid six times in the state for a total of 263 days.
“The lock has hurt our community, people, children, our state,” he said.
“More than 90 percent of us have been fully vaccinated, and that number will continue to grow,” he said. So for us, congestion must be a thing of the past. “
The election promise comes an hour before the federal government announces measures to protect Australians from the new Covid-19 omicron strain in South Africa.
Asked if the new version could affect his plans, Mr Guy told reporters: “We have to learn to live with it because the strains of the flu are different every year.
“We will get options in the next two years, and the government should not threaten to block us with the plague legislation.
“My promise is that I don’t want congestion. There’s no need to fix the health care system.”
In his remarks, Mr Guy said he had “positive” plans for the country’s future, including cutting budgets for infrastructure projects, creating jobs by supporting small businesses, reducing the waiting list for surgeries and ending the mental health crisis. .

“Our government is good enough,” he said. We want positivity. We want a government that gives us hope, ”he said.
Mr. Guy was introduced by his son, Joseph, and his father told the crowd that he wanted Victoria to be “a better place for all of us to live, not just for some.”
“My father cares for Victoria. He is involved in politics to make our state the best place in Australia, and my mother and brothers will do their best with him to make it a reality, ”said the 13-year-old.

Victorian Prime Minister Dan Andrews touches the Boxing Hill Institute campus in Boxing Hill ahead of a press conference in Melbourne this week.

Opposition parties have stated they will not run in the by-elections on November 26.
However, according to the latest polls, Labor is in an invincible position.
According to Roy Morgan’s poll released on Thursday, the Labor Party led the coalition from 59.5 to 40.5, up from 58 to 42 last week in Newspoll.
These two surveys increased by 57.3 to 42.7 in the 2018 election, and the coalition lost 11 seats in the lower house, including Hawthorn with a blue ribbon.

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