Former New York Governor Andrew Cuomo has been charged with felony criminal mischief – Let’s See Todays News Updates

Former New York Governor Andrew Cuomo is accused of finding his ex-girlfriend.

Former New York City Mayor Andrew Cuomo on Thursday accused a former assistant to Albany’s executive mansion of adultery, a crime that could lead to her being registered as a sex offender if convicted.
In a criminal complaint filed in Albany City Court, Mr Cuomo, 63, said he “forced his hand under the victim’s shirt … and on the inside of his body, Mr Cuomo did it intentionally and without any legitimate purpose.” reported.
“Especially the left part of the breast in order to degrade and satisfy the sexual desire of the victim,” he added.
The incident is believed to have taken place on the afternoon of December 7 on the second floor of the Executive Mansion, the governor’s official residence.
The victim’s name was changed from the complaint, but the lawyer of 33-year-old Brittany Commisso, Kuomo’s former assistant, admitted that he was.
The lawsuit alleges that Mr. Cuomo used violence and was sentenced to a maximum of one year in prison.
Evidence against him includes a text message from Mr. Cuomo’s cell phone, a December 7 state police aviation record, a press conference that day, a state police Blackberry PIN message, a state Capitol card record, and a Mrs. Commission statement. . At the Prosecutor General’s Office.
According to the Albany Sheriff’s Office and the Albany District Attorney’s Office, the former governor was summoned to the Albany City Court on November 17.
Mr Cuomo is expected to surrender to authorities next week and be arrested and placed on a warrant, a source said.
If Mr. Cuomo is charged, he will have to register as a sex offender, and the judge will decide his likelihood of re-offending.
If he is considered a medium or high risk to society, his photos, name, address and other information will be published online.
Albany County Attorney David Soares filed a criminal case against 63-year-old Mr. Cuomo on Aug. 3, shortly after state Attorney General Letitia James filed a report accusing the then governor of sexually harassing 11 women, including nine current women. A criminal case has been launched. or was a civil servant.
Six days later, Ms. Commisso, who worked as an assistant to the governor’s office, said in a tearful interview with CBS television this morning that she had “put her hand on my shirt and pressed my bra” inside Mr. Cuomo Albany’s executive mansion. in November.
“The governor needs to be held accountable,” said Commisso, 33.
“What he did to me was a crime. He broke the law,” he said.

Brittany Commissar has opened a criminal case against former New York Governor Andrew Cuomo.

“Like everyone else, we are surprised today to learn that the Albanian Sheriff’s Office has filed a criminal complaint against Andrew Cuomo,” Mr Soares said in a statement Thursday night.

“The court administration has made this application public. Our office will not comment further on the case, ”he added.
In an interview with CBS this morning, Ms. Commisso said that unlike “giving to mom or brother,” Mr. Cuomo had limited the number of cases in which she was allegedly touched by an unwanted hand, such as a hug.
“These are hugs designed for personal sexual satisfaction,” he said.
“Then they kissed and hugged him on the cheek. And once they hugged and kissed me on the cheek, he quickly turned his head and kissed me on the lips.”
Ms. Commisso also said that Mr. Cuomo touched her back while taking a selfie together on New Year’s Eve 2019 after working on her upcoming State of the Union speech.
“He was on my left. I was on his right. I took a selfie with my right hand,” he said.

“Then as I was taking the selfie, I felt his hand land on my buttocks and he started rubbing it. Don’t slip it. No, you grab it quickly – rub my ass.”
Earlier, in an anonymous interview with the Albany Times, Ms. Commisso said she was injured when she was called to the Executive Mansion to help Mr Cuomo with her mobile phone.
Mr Cuomo has repeatedly denied any wrongdoing, and the Commissar announced his resignation the day after he appeared on CBS television this morning, saying “my instinct is to fight” but “the best way I can help now is to go to the sidelines.”

Andrew Cuomo is flying a helicopter after announcing his resignation on August 10, 2021.

Mr Cuomo’s imminent arrest prompted state Attorney General James on Wednesday to say key union leaders had said they would “soon” launch a campaign for the governor, a source said.
Ms James is expected to announce her main confrontation with New York Governor Katie Hochul before Mr Cuomo is arrested, a source said.
In a statement, Ms. James said, “Since our office received a request from former Governor Andrew Cuomo to investigate allegations of sexual harassment against many women, we have taken no action.”
“The fact that a criminal case has been opened against Mr. Cuomo today for the use of force further confirms the conclusions of our report,” he added.

State Attorney General Letitia James is set to announce her candidacy for mayor of New York, Katie Hochul.

Albany County Sheriff’s Office investigators swore in Thursday’s complaint.
In a statement, Apple said Sheriff Craig said “Sheriff’s investigators have conducted a criminal investigation into the alleged use of force against former Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo since August 5, 2021. The court found that there are sufficient grounds to provide evidence.”
On Aug. 7, the Sheriff held a press conference at Apple and said that Mr. Cuomo “may have committed two crimes,” following a complaint filed by Mrs. Commissar the day before.
“Right now, it’s very comfortable and safe for me to call him a victim,” he added.
On Aug. 30, Ms. Commisso spoke with investigators for “several hours” after law enforcement officials issued several subpoenas related to her lawsuit, Sheriff Apple said.
According to his interview, the alleged harassment took place in November, according to an AG report on November 16.
Cuomo’s lawyer, Rita Glavin, attacked Ms. Commisso’s convictions that day, saying “the documentary evidence does not support what she said.”
Ms Commisso’s lawyer, Brian Premo, objected, saying she had “always testified that she did not know the date”.
The harassment of Mrs. Commissar was one of the most serious allegations made in Attorney General James’ report, which accused Mr Cuomo of grabbing women by the buttocks and running his hands over the belly of a state military woman assigned to his protection.
In addition to Mr. Soares, lawyers from four other New York districts (Manhattan, Nassau, Westchester, and Oswego) said they were investigating various statements contained in Ms. James’ report.

Ms Glavin said in a statement: “Governor Cuomo has never assaulted anyone and Sheriff Apple’s motives are clearly inappropriate. The sheriff did not even tell the Apple District Attorney what he was doing.”
“However, it is not surprising that Apple’s behavior (1) at a press conference on August 7, he pleaded guilty to the governor before the investigation, and (2) leaked information from the jury to his office. It’s not a professional law enforcement agency; it’s politics, “he added.
Cuomo’s spokesman, Rich Azzopardi, also said that “initiating a criminal case without a statement from the prosecutor’s office is not a ridiculous test, and the process is Albanian politics, and maybe even worse.”
“As predicted, no one is going to announce AG’s resignation,” he added.
“The truth about what happened to this cowboy sheriff will be revealed.”
Sheriff Apple replied, “I don’t expect anything less from that camp. We get paid to protect people and help them do exactly what we do. “

Andrew Cuomo could be forced to register as a sex offender if convicted.

Mr Premo told The Post that Ms Commisso was “surprised by the turn of events, but she was and will continue to be a victim of blind co-operation for justice”.
“My client understood before the district attorney’s office conducted a thorough, non-political investigation into the matter, and then discussed all issues with my client and gave his consent before deciding whether to prosecute. “he said.
“He understood that the sheriff’s office also authorized the process because the district attorney was the prosecuting authority.”
In response to Mr. Premo’s comment, Sheriff Apple said, “I’m not sure why [he] said that.”
“We’ve been in touch with him all the time and he always insists on moving forward,” Apple said.
“We have a very fair and thorough investigation,” he said. Not urgent, but very methodical. “
Alice McGrath and Virginia Limmiats, Mrs. Commisso’s co-workers and friends, who represented the other two women mentioned in the attorney general’s report, said Cuomo was being held accountable, including that he had to answer. initiated a criminal case. “
“I hope that all men who abuse women and abuse their power will see this and understand that their very harmful behavior has real consequences,” added lawyer Marian Van.

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