Former MJoram BJP spokeswoman Lalhriatrenga Chante has joined Congress – Let’s See Todays News Updates

Mizoram joined Congress before the BJP spokesman Lalhriatrenga Changte Tirial Assembly’s referendum.

The Tuirial poll in the Columbia district will be held Oct. 30.
Mizoram Congress President Lal Tanhawla joined the former party of Lalhriatrenga Chante, a retired deputy chief of the Indian Mining Bureau, at a ceremony in Congress Bhavan in Aizalaw on Tuesday.

Changte, a prominent Mizoram man, joined the Congressional Camp in January 2018 after a criminal case was filed against former Prime Minister Lal Tanhawla, which some political analysts see as a sign of the party’s good development and survival. There is a “no eternal enemy” culture in politics.
Chante, the state’s first mining engineer, took part in the Lok Sabha referendum in April 2019 with an “independent” ticket, and in April of this year, a BJP ticket to the Serhip Assembly seat, but lost both.
During the presentation, Chante said that the party’s president, Lal Thanhawla, had joined Congress after putting aside his past experiences and accepting them wholeheartedly.

He said he joined the congressional camp as a missionary for state development and the Mizo people.

“I came with a missionary zeal. “Even though I wanted to join the Congress, I didn’t like it until my president (Lal Tanhawla) accepted me sincerely.”

He did not hate Lal Thanhwa when he was prosecuted in 2018, and his goal was to make it clear the importance of properly declaring personal assets and other details in his testimony.
Chanhte said that in a small province like Mizoram, political parties have a strong influence, so you have to be in one party to work for development.

He added that he would do his best to strengthen the party and develop the state.

After retiring voluntarily from ONGC, Chante, a lawyer from Serchip, joined the BJP in June 2019, ranking fifth out of six candidates two months after Lok Sabha’s poll.

He was appointed representative and chairman of the Missionary Saffron Mission Party in Mizoram.

He left the party in May 2020.

In January 2018, the Chief Justice of the Chante Serhip District General Court filed a lawsuit against Lal Tanhavla, accusing him of giving false testimony before a judge during his candidacy for the 2013 Assembly elections.

He said in his candidacy that Lal Tanhawla owned land in Kolkata and kept his age a secret.

Chante said the congressional leader did not declare his land ownership in 2013 when he ran for the Serchip constituency in his home, which violated Section 1951 of Section 125-A of the House of Representatives Act.

He also claimed that Lal Thanhawla had given false information at his age, and that he had assigned different age categories, which contradicted each other.

However, Lal Thanhavla was acquitted in October 2019 after a court found no conclusive evidence of his guilt.

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