Folkirk council members have been accused of “stupid party politics” after postponing a climate change project. – Let’s See Todays News Updates

Council member Paul Garner said: “The extreme weather conditions we face must be a priority and the party’s stupid politics must be forgotten.
Members of the Falkirk Council have been accused of “doing stupid party politics” after rejecting both proposals to combat climate change and improve the diversity of local representatives.
Angry SNP board members accused Labor and Conservative party members of “permanent delays” in postponing a special meeting of the Falkirk Council.
Opposition members, however, argued that the plan needed to be postponed in order to defend their actions and scrutinize the plan.
The first of these was proposed by Council member Paul Garner after COP26, and suggested a way in which climate emergency could be at the heart of every council decision.
Mr Garner also asked for a briefing for all members to show how the decisions made since the declaration of the Climate Emergency declared affected the council’s carbon footprint reduction forecast.
His colleague, Council member Laura Murtag, said the Labor and Conservatives’ recent decision not to support plans to build a new center and art center on Falkirk High Street was a clear signal of the council’s success.
In the amendment, Labor leader Robert Bissett said the group would like to see a report on the consequences of the movement first, and instead asked for it to be discussed at a full board meeting in December.

Counsel Garner said: “Robert Bissett’s Labor Amendment would like to address the resource and financial implications we have already considered in depth in the report.
“We understand that the time has come for the SNP minority government to reflect, and we are no longer able to make empty, bold statements – we must support them with courageous action.
“We have to prioritize the extreme weather conditions we face and forget to play stupid party politics.”
SNP members were alarmed that a proposal to look for ways to promote multilateralism in council member Murta was also postponed until the December meeting.
However, Mr Bissette defended the group’s approach and said the council would need better funding from the Scottish government to achieve a net zero.
“We need to fight climate change, but we also need to provide good services to the community we choose to serve. We need additional funding for this. ”
He added: “The purpose of the proposal was to oppose the decision of the headquarters, which was understandable and frustrating.
“When it comes to kicking the two reports into the long grass, we want them to come back in four weeks, so there’s nothing but the truth.”
Conservative leader James Kerr added: “By approving these amendments, we are ensuring that the SNP is seriously examining taxpayers’ wasteful spending on cash.
“Important issues such as climate change and diversity will be addressed by council officials and advisors with the information we need to decide whether taxpayers value money.”
Provost Billy Buchanan, in consultation with the group’s leaders, referred the SNP’s proposal to the council’s executive director to take a closer look at the situation facing families facing rising food and energy bills.
However, Ms. McLaughlin made it clear that she would not allow the issue to be taken out of the hands of the full council.

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