Final Stand is coming to Steam next month – Update para sa ALL

It’s a good time to be a fan of fantasy RTS games. Age of Darkness: Final Stand is coming to Steam Early Access very soon on October 7th and brings – as the name suggests – an epic battle against a nightmarish force to test your strategic courage.

You must repel swarms of enemies, use the unique powers of your mighty heroes and tactically develop their skills to banish a life-consuming fog called the Veil from your territory and recapture the light. The premise may sound simple, but Age of Darkness is a complex beast at its core.

Tens of thousands of enemies spawn every “night of death” pouring out of the darkness onto your lawn. More than 70,000, thanks to the self-brewed “SwarmTech” from the developer PlaySide. Like an RTS or tower defense, you need to strengthen your defenses and use your best strategies to win, but there are also survival / villain-like elements as the key to success lies in game replayability and learning from defeat. Because you will be defeated and you will have to learn the lessons each time to develop a strategy that will make you emerge victorious.

First you need to decide how to fight the darkness. You can base your strategy on walling yourself in and strengthening your defenses to withstand the night waves of enemies until dawn. During the day you can gather your resources, erect your buildings and prepare for the night ahead. Or you can give it your all and face the veil head on – a risky approach that is tempting to get bigger rewards if you can recruit and develop your army quickly and skillfully. While you won’t be penalized for playing it safe, in Age of Darkness: Final Stand those who dare to win will win – and win big.

There are several options available to you to combat the darkness that you can experiment with to come up with different approaches that make each game a unique experience. Recruiting heroes, each with their own unique skills, is vital as you can unlock powerful special abilities by leveling them up. These can turn the tide of combat in a pinch, in very different ways, depending on your hero and the skills you’ve nurtured.

You also get fine-grained control over game mechanics, such as the units’ ability trees. There is a multi-faceted army skill tree with multiple progression routes through melee, ranged, and siege-based combat styles. For example, you can train your archers to scout hard-to-reach places, which gives your side a real tactical advantage. You can nurture your Guardians’ anger to give them powerful healing buffs on any enemy they knock down. Speed ​​boosters allow you to get your ballista where it needs to be faster. But these skills are not free, and the most powerful can cost you more than the coins lining your masters’ pockets.

Age of Darkness: Final Stand is also highly customizable due to its challenges. In Early Access there are five difficulty modes, each of which has its own criteria – and a fixed number of storage locations. Sip. There are changeable modifiers known as hardships that come into play in the game’s survival mode and can bend the rules in a way that contrasts real curve balls with your strategy. For example, they could get you to survive the night of death without a hero – a mighty tough question given its importance to your approach. Or a hardship could lead you to face the fog of death of the veil – a living death that hides enemies, robs the lives of your troops, and dampens your tactics – every single night.

Then there are random elements to deal with. As the night of death rolls in, you will be struck with malice – an accidental ailment that can really thwart your plans. You won’t know what it is until the veil knocks, but you will have to survive the long night dealing with this additional threat. The good news is that it works the other way around, too. Survive until dawn and you will receive an assortment of blessings – another modifier that, in turn, can help you against the swarms.

All of this takes place on a procedurally generated map, so Age of Darkness: Final Stand places a lot of emphasis on replayability. With all the strategies to develop, the skills to develop, the challenges to tackle, and the modifiers to tackle, no two games will be like any other – you have to be yours Adjust tactics accordingly each time you lead your fight in the dark.

Age of Darkness: Final Stand starts on October 7th in Steam Early Access from developer PlaySide and Publisher Team17. To dive in when it arrives, head over to this link – and get ready for the long night.

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