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Mr Fayemi said doctors were misinterpreting his recent meeting with former governor Bola Tinubu.

Ekiti Governor Kayode Fayemi sent a statement to PREMIUM TIMES clarifying his recent meeting with former Governor Bola Tinubu.
Mr Tinubu recently announced his intention to seek a ticket to the presidency of the ruling All Progressive Congress (APC) ahead of the 2023 general election. Mr Fayemi, a member of a political party, also said he supported the president’s ambitions.
Therefore, shortly after Mr. Tinubu’s ambitions were made public, the two leaders met, suggesting that Mr. Fayemi may have withdrawn from the race out of respect for the former Lagos leader.
However, Mr Fayemi said in a statement on Saturday that he had clarified what was and was not discussed at the meeting.
Re: Tinubu-Fayemi meeting: Spinning doctors misunderstood
Recently, two prominent leaders of the ruling All Progressive Congress, the APC, Southwest Representative Asivaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu, and Dr. John Cayode Fayemi, held a closed-door meeting to discuss unresolved issues.
No third party was present at the meeting on Wednesday, January 12, and it had nothing to do with the president’s ambitions or one of the two political leaders.
It was a family spiritual reunion. Therefore, it is not fair for doctors who were close to the meeting place to start talking a second time during the meeting.


In a democracy like ours, there are many issues that need to be addressed, and there will be daily discussions among political leaders at all levels. Formal and informal dialogue cannot be ruled out, as political leadership plays an essential role in entrusting people with enormous responsibilities.
Creating a fictitious social media frenzy from such a meeting to discuss national dialogue is a bad wind that will not benefit anyone.
Asivaju Tinubu has twice been elected governor of Lagos prefecture and was the APC’s national leader.
The meeting of the two leaders was the beginning of their exile, when they both took part in the struggle to free their country from military boots, and since then it has become a regular in the political space and abroad. So meeting them shouldn’t be a big deal unless someone decides to confuse them.


The details of their recent meeting have not been disclosed, but looking at the two, who are rumored to be running for president from the southwest, is likely to suggest that the 2023 presidential election could be part of their talks. Asivaju Tinubu’s announcement to President Mohammed Bukhari that he would run for president in 2023 may have contributed to this. Dr. Fayemi, on the other hand; There are no visible signs in this direction yet.
However, the ambitions announced by Asivaju Tinubu and the unannounced ambitions of Fayemi have now been welcomed by some sping doctors, especially those who believe that they can restore their dependence in the eyes of one of the political leaders.
To make matters worse, such spinners lied at the Tinubu-Fayemi meeting, claiming that it was not half-truths, but openly and secretly related, and that Dr. Fayemi had surrendered his unannounced ambitions at the meeting announced by Asivaju Tinubu.
In particular, during a closed-door meeting, Dr. Fayemi made a naked and unsubstantiated lie, “refuting rumors of his intention to run for president in 2023 and promising to support the national leader of the All Progressive Congress (APC), Asivaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu.”
This is a reckless and false act. First, the perpetrators did not attend the meeting, and none of the leaders could reveal what had happened, so they wondered where they got the information from.


Second, spin doctors were so preoccupied with their own gossip that Asivaju Tinubu discussed whether to run for office, but Fayemi spread rumors but could not rule out the possibility of abandoning his unannounced ambitions.
The history of spinning doctors is logical and not only denied but condemned. This is the origin of the rumor, or the main idea of ​​the beer shop. At best, it’s just speculation.
If Dr. Fayemi decides to declare his interest in the 2023 presidential election, he will not embark on an ego journey that guarantees unhealthy competition with Asivaju Tinubu or anyone else. Fayemi Tinubu is considered a political leader and is respected as the party’s national leader. Also, do not participate in contests intended to be used to negotiate with anyone. But he will run because he is sure he should do it.
Spying doctors may not have noticed that Fayemi is currently focusing on the success of his two-time governor of Ekiti. They also don’t understand that there is still a President who is equally focused on completing his second term well. Neither Fayemi nor Bukhari want to be distracted by such stupidity at this time.
If Dr. Fayemi had finally decided to run for president in 2023, he would have made no secret of his intention to do so and would not have attended a secret meeting to discuss his options, as he would have been x-rayed and listed. he is preferred based on his credentials before making such a statement.
The authors of such tales are advised not to do so in the future, as they will not be of any political or social benefit. Instead, they will seriously undermine the personal character of reputable and reputable leaders such as Asivaju Tinubu or Governor Fayemi.

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