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Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas visited Israel on Tuesday and met with Israeli Defense Minister Benny Gants.

GAZA: Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas paid a rare visit to Israel on Tuesday to meet with Israeli Defense Minister Benny Gants.
On Wednesday alone, a number of measures aimed at improving relations with Palestine were approved.
This was the second meeting of the Palestinian presidency since last August at the Ramallah headquarters. The meeting drew attention to what the Israeli media described as “common security issues.”
Some Palestinian factions condemned Tuesday’s talks, saying they “strengthened internal divisions.”
However, the Abbas-led Fatah movement said that “this is a serious attempt to end the violence against the Palestinian people and to open a political path in accordance with international law.”
Palestinian Minister of Civil Affairs Hussein al-Sheikh, who accompanied Abbas, said the meeting stressed the importance of “finding a political framework for a political solution in accordance with international law.”
Al-Sheikh tweeted, “Both sides also discussed the tense field situation caused by the residents’ practice and attacks, as well as many security, economic and humanitarian issues.”
According to the statement, the two-hour meeting focused on civil and economic issues, as well as “security and stability, prevention of terrorism and violence.”

Abbas said he would work to strengthen a single security arrangement.
After the meeting, Israel’s Kan TV channel quoted a senior Palestinian official as saying, “The gap is huge and there is no chance of political success at the moment.
“First of all, there has to be a political horizon, without which everything we do will explode in a minute.”
The meeting comes after years of political stalemate over alleged bad relations with President Abbas under former US President Donald Trump.
The Palestinian leadership views President Joe Biden differently and demands that he keep his campaign promises, paving the way for a political settlement between the two countries, halting Israeli settlement construction and reopening the US Consulate in East Jerusalem. Closed in 2018.
Washington has resumed financial and economic support to the Palestinian Authority and announced a new package of projects after a December 14 joint economic meeting.
Ahead of the Abbas-Gants meeting, Palestinian President Jacques Sullivan met with US National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan and his entourage, as well as Yale Lempert, the US Assistant Secretary of State for Middle East Affairs.
Although the Palestinian Authority said the meetings were intended to pave the way for a political solution, some observers warned that they were held only to prevent the Palestinian Authority from disintegrating.
In November, the Israeli newspaper Haaretz reported that Israel had demanded that the Biden administration increase financial aid to Arab and European countries to the crisis-stricken Palestinian government to prevent deteriorating security in the West Bank.
Vasel Abu Yousef, a member of the executive committee of the Palestine Liberation Organization, said he hoped the Palestinian leadership would find a political solution based on “two-state solution and international legal principles,” adding that “the economic path cannot replace it.” For the political way. “
He added: “Trump has tried to squeeze billions to promote an economic solution and stop Palestinian political activity, but a conference in Bahrain has failed.
“Without a fair political solution, all movements, including Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett’s attempts to resolve the conflict rather than resolve it, will be a waste of time, a failure, and will not bring stability to the region.”
Bilal al-Shobaki, a professor of political science at the University of Hebron on the West Bank, said the Abbas-Gants meeting was “on the path of economics and security, with no political solution.”
He said Washington and Tel Aviv were “willing to provide financial and economic support to save the Palestinian Authority and prevent its collapse, but there is no political solution to establishing a Palestinian state.”

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