“Encountered” Boris Johnson ordered to check the passages of small boats in the canal – Let’s See Todays News Updates

After a small boat accident in the canal, a group of people were brought to Dover by a lifeboat in Dover, Kent.

Boris Johnson ordered the Channel to check out small boat crossings to find ways to reduce the number of people making such trips from France.
The Prime Minister is upset that he has no policy to address this issue. In 2021, more than 24,500 people arrived on the south coast.
The Times reports that Chancellor of the Lancaster Stephen Barclay has been asked to monitor efforts to resolve the situation. The Prime Minister added that he told members of parliament that this issue should be given priority.
“If it looks bad now, it will get worse as spring warms up,” a senior government official told the newspaper.
Priti Patel is considering stricter rules for detention centers for people crossing the canal from France, which could lead to their refusal to accept asylum applications.
The measure, similar to the one used by Greece, was the latest to be discussed by the interior minister and officials. This will include regular inspections of visitors and curfews to stop them from fleeing.
Greece has used such tactics in the past decade after confronting an influx of refugees from the Middle East across the Aegean Sea. He also digitized his asylum application, a practice Patel wanted to copy, according to the Daily Telegraph.
More than 24,500 migrants arrived in the UK this year, three times as many as in 2020. In November, more than 5,000 migrants crossed the border.


Other possible measures were discussed last week, including the establishment of processing centers in Albania, which the European and Foreign Minister Olta Hachka called “false news.”
Speaking on BBC Radio 4’s “Today” program on Saturday morning, Tim Lawton, a member of parliament from the southwestern states of East Worthing and Shoreham, said: “We all know that the French are the only real solution to do what is legal. Do it legally. This is to stop the boats while they are in the water and take the passengers back to French territory. “
In addition to looking at offshore centers, he said the new border and citizenship bill being debated in parliament would give the government more power.
“I am very disappointed that we have limited power on this side of the channel and I share the frustration of the Secretary of the Interior that we cannot do more about it. Stopping this miserable trade would be the prerogative of the French.”
He said the British Border Guards had advised the French authorities to use drones overnight while the boats were moving.
Tensions between London and Paris have risen over the issue. French President Emmanuel Macron has said Britain has moved from a “partnership to provocation” over the latest dispute since Brexit. Patel signed a £ 54 million deal with France in July to co-operate police patrols on beaches.
Earlier this week, French Interior Minister Gerald Darmanin said France would not be a “hole” in British politics, accusing it of illegal traffickers and loosening labor laws.

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