Donald plans to nominate Ivanka’s daughter as World Bank president – Let’s See Todays News Updates

Former US President Donald Trump was planning to appoint his daughter to a very high position, and a high-ranking official blocked her from climbing.
It raised several eyebrows when former US President Donald Trump named his daughter Ivanka as a senior White House adviser.

The mother of three worked as a model from an early age, serving as executive vice president of the family’s Trump Organization, serving as a board judge on her father’s The Apprentice TV show, and running her own fashion label. Mrs. Trump had little political experience.

But now it is clear that Mr. Trump was planning to appoint a more bizarre role that did not suit him.

According to The Intercept, Jim Yong Kim announced his resignation from the World Bank in January 2019, saying it was a setback for President Donald Trump to choose a new leader. I’m worried that the first American champion will choose someone who is not suitable to play in the world. “

Since its inception in 1944, the United States has consistently appointed the President of the World Bank, while Europe has elected the President of the International Monetary Fund.

Mr Trump confirmed his fears about who to choose, and said his mother wanted him to play his first daughter.

Donald Trump and Ivanka Trump on the eve of election day.

“He would be great because he’s very good at numbers,” he said in an interview.

“She is very calm … I saw her under a lot of stress.

“He reacts very well – it’s usually hereditary, but that’s one of those things. He’s very involved when he enters the room.”

Ivanka continued to tell the media that she turned down the opportunity because she was “satisfied with her work” at the White House.

However, behind the scenes, it seemed very close to becoming a reality.

“But two unnamed sources told The Intercept that the talk of Ivanka’s driving went far beyond Beltway’s: Trump wanted Ivanka to be president of the World Bank, and it was [Finance Minister Stephen] Mnuchin to lead him. It really prevented him from taking office, ”the report said.

“A well-placed source” is also “very close” to Ivanka’s appointment, the press service said.

As an adviser to the president, Ivanka co-sponsored a fundraiser for women entrepreneurs with the World Bank to raise money for women entrepreneurs in developing countries.

However, Scott Morris, director of the World Development Center’s US development policy program, told The Intercept that this did not give him enough experience to hold senior positions.

“It’s hard to imagine him as a reliable leader.” He told the press.

“This is the worst way to use US power.”

Both Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump (pictured with their two children) served as senior White House advisers during the Trump administration.

Ivanka, who moved to Miami with her husband Jared Kushner and three children after her father left the White House, has been rumored to be pursuing her own political ambitions.

Earlier this year, there were speculations that the 39-year-old was planning to run against Florida Republican Sen. Marco Rubio in 2022, or even run for president in early 2024.

An Axios report in February highlighted the theory, revealing that Ivanka was developing a “rebirth plan” aimed at reforming criminal justice, which was backed by a list of celebrities such as Kim Kardashian and Jay Z. and Kevin Hart.
Meanwhile, in early 2021, the Washington-based Civic and Ethical Authority announced revenue of $ 23,791,645 ($ A30 million) to $ 120,676,949 ($ 155 million). External income is consolidated in the final statement of financial statements.
This cash was made until 2020 and January 20, 2021, until Donald Trump resigned.

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