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All aspiring White House leaders have said they will support the president for another term. But if he continues to falter, there is little to talk about options.

President Biden has announced to his colleagues that he plans to run for re-election in 2024, according to his press secretary

NEW ORLEANS – North Carolina Gov. Roy Cooper told reporters at the Democratic Governors’ Association meeting, “Do you think President Biden will be re-elected, is it in his best interest?” party.
“I do, and I do,” Mr. Cooper said Friday, adding, “I look forward to his re-election and I will support him. In fact, we will win North Carolina for him.”
But just three minutes later, former President Donald Trump was outlining the outcome of sending a message to Cooper for the presidency, the only Democrat leader in the state to win twice. .
He spoke in support of the repeal of a bill on transgender toilets in his state, an order granting paid maternity leave to government employees, and another order to put North Carolina on a path to carbon emissions by 2050. He spoke about next year’s by-elections.
Mr. Cooper and other Democratic leaders are concerned about how difficult 2022 will be without Mr. Biden’s reputation. However, the year 2024 is increasingly on the minds of ambitious Democrats and their advisers.
Mr Biden’s turnout is declining to 82 years in the month of voting, and as Vice President Kamala Harris suffers from the stamping of his ballot, talks about possible options are starting much earlier than usual. in the first year of his first term.
According to White House officials, none of them will dare to openly express their interest, fearing that it will offend both the president and the vice president who will go down in history if they are made aware of their re-election plans. heir. No president since Lyndon Johnson has run for re-election in 1968.
However, the Alliance of Democrats continues to speculate about the primary elections in two years. In addition to concerns about Mr. Biden’s age and current reputation, Democrats are worried that Trump may return, and the party is determined to field a strong candidate to overcome him.
If Mr. Biden changes his mind and bends over after 2024, there is no consensus among Democrats as to who might be the best option.

If Mr. Biden doesn’t run in 2024, Democrat Vice President Kamala Harris will, of course. But he had his own problems, and he was bound to face opposition. Loan …

The list of potential candidates began with Ms. Harris and included a list of the two most talked about candidates in Washington, including Secretary of Transportation Pete Buttig, Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren, and Minnesota’s Amy Klobuchar. .
Connecticut Sen. Richard Blumenthal said that if such a race were to take place, it would be “a real mud fight in the old-fashioned sense of the Democratic Struggle.” He added that if there were “rules” in the presidential race, “they would not be followed.”
Two Democrats, who ran in the last presidential election, said they fully expected Mr Biden to run again, but did not rule out running if he refused.
“He’s running, and I hope I can support him and help him get re-elected,” Ms Warren said. “I’m with this story.”

Senator Amy Klobuchar is running for president in 2020 and has not ruled out running again

Ms Klobuchar, who told influential Democrats last year that she was interested in running again, said of Mr Biden: “He said he would run again, and I agree with him. will tell. “
A number of prominent party officials, including Mr. Biden, postponed Hillary Clinton in 2016, leaving a major breakthrough in the field filled by Senator Bernie Sanders. The incredible power of Mr. Sanders’ candidacy, and the subsequent defeat of Mrs. Clinton by Mr. Trump, shattered speculation about what might happen in current politics and led to the crowning of a majority of the party.
Similarly, Mr. Buttigy’s rise to prominence in the 2020 primary election has encouraged Democrats, who have earned the reputation of mayors under the age of 40 in a small town, proving that voters have a broad vision of who can serve as commander-in-chief. .

If Mr. Biden is not re-elected, one of the speculations about the presidential candidates is Transport Secretary Pete Buttig.

The most sensitive issue for the Democrats is the struggle of Mrs. Harris and whether she will be the strongest person since Biden’s candidacy. It will be difficult to compete with the first black and first female vice president in a party that celebrates its versatility and relies on black and female voters at all levels of government.
However, there are a few examples in recent history of a vice president entering the White House without a fierce battle for a nomination. The last two vice presidents to win the presidential election, George H.W. Mr. Bush and Mr. Biden encountered a noisy initial contest on their way to the White House.
There’s little reason to wait for a smoother road for Mrs. Harris.
Even Mrs. Harris’s allies are concerned about her plight and the ongoing flow of stories about recent workers’ refugees.
Donna Brazil, a former chair of the Democratic National Committee who is close to Ms Harris’s advisers, said “everything has to change, from optics to policy and personnel.” “He did a lot of good things, but no one talks about success.”
“If Biden announces he will not run in 2024, it will be open sesame,” he added.
Potential applicants may include other members of the Biden administration.

Former New Orleans Mayor Mitch Landriou is now in charge of Mr. Biden’s trillion-dollar infrastructure program.

Former New Orleans Mayor Mitch Landriou, who oversees Mr. Biden’s infrastructure law, plans to run for president in 2020, and some of his allies are quietly promoting him as a strong candidate for the future.

Mr. Landriu Katrina rebuilt the city after the hurricane disaster and became famous for his speech in 2017 about the removal of the Federal Statue from New Orleans.
Mr Al Sharpton said Mr Landriou would be a “very interesting candidate” if Mr Biden did not run again.
“He knows how to work in the south; he knows how to work with black and brown communities, “Mr. Sharpton said.” It doesn’t hurt to have a high position on infrastructure. “
Mr Sharpton has heard from Ms Harris regularly and said Mr Battigie, who was fighting for nominal support from colored voters in 2020, was “in touch every month”.
Mr Biden’s trade secretary, Gina Raymond, has previously expressed interest in the White House.
In the run-up to the 2020 election, Ms Raymond, then governor of Rhode Island, told her informal adviser that she believed someone with her experience and expertise could find a way to become president. Ms Raymond, the party’s central wing leader, recently told her allies that she was “far from political business”.
If Mr. Biden rejects a second campaign, some Democrats say the party should turn to a leader from outside Washington instead of recruiting from a tired administration.
At a governor’s conference in New Orleans over the weekend, cautious questions about Mr. Biden’s age and Mrs. Harris’s vulnerability interrupted the corridor and cocktail conversations.
Democrats familiar with the interview said there were already donors who supported Mr. Cooper’s bid.

If Michigan Gretchen Whitmer overcomes the difficult challenge of being re-elected in next year’s most challenging presidential battle, his vote will be considered immediately.
Michigan Sen. Debbie Stabenov said, “He was a great governor at a very difficult time.”
New Jersey Gov. Phil Murphy, who won a more difficult re-election than expected in the unfavorable political environment last month, is also likely to run. Once the CEO of Goldman Sachs and a Democratic donor, he was appointed ambassador to Germany by former President Barack Obama.
Since his victory, Mr. Murphy has spoken several times with prominent Democrats and had dinner with strategist James Carville at a popular New Orleans restaurant, drawing the attention of many other governors and conference attendees.
Since his election in 2018, Illinois Gov. JB Pritzker has been a billionaire who has advocated for progressive policies such as stabilizing the state’s finances and raising the minimum wage to $ 15. Competition to be re-elected in 2022.
Mr Pritzker has been told by allies that he does not want to run for president in 2024, but has said he is secretly interested in entering the White House someday if Mr Biden bows.
At least for now, his advisers have tried to suppress the prospects. “Governor Pritzker is focused on addressing the challenges facing the people of Illinois, and DC’s favorite hall game: Who will run in the next presidential election,” said spokeswoman Emily Bittner. He said he “sincerely supports” Governor Biden and Mrs. Harris and hopes they will be re-elected.
However, there is a lot of talk – at least alone.
For example, Mr. Trump’s revenge campaign against Georgia’s Governor Brian Kemp has cast doubt on whether Democrats can take advantage of Stacey Abrams’ Republican chaos to win the governor’s job and run for president.
Recognizing that such speculation could be used against Ms. Abrams in the race for governor, her campaign manager said last week that Ms. Abrams would be in office if she was elected next year.

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