China’s Ministry of Public Security has appointed a new head of the anti-corruption department. – Let’s See Todays News Updates

Wang Xiahong is the head of the Public Security Department.

One of the longtime collaborators with Chinese President Xi Jinping has been appointed party chairman of the Public Security Service to fight corruption, leading the law enforcement agencies.
Wang Xiaohong, 64, will replace Zhao Kezhi, the current Deputy Minister of Public Security and a member of the Communist Party’s Central Committee, according to the state-run Legal Daily.
Zhao, 68, has already reached retirement age, but will send a public safety post, which Wang is now widely seen as his successor.
Wang’s nomination reaffirms Xi Jinping’s mandate, one of next year’s pre-congressional appointments, and has the right to shake up other top management teams.
Corruption in law enforcement and the judiciary has been officially cracked down on this year, and a nationwide crackdown on dissidents has begun.
Since 2013, the Ministry of Social Security has headed five deputy ministers.
Sun Lijun, a former deputy public security minister, was ousted from the Communist Party in September. According to the state news agency, the court “violated disciplinary rules and crimes.”
Former Minister of Justice and Deputy Minister of Public Security Fu Zhenghua, the head of the prosecutor’s office, was arrested for “investigating the case” of party discipline. Another former justice minister, Wu Aiyn, was expelled from the party in 2017 for “serious disciplinary issues.”

Anti-corruption investigators are currently targeting law enforcement and police. Photo: Reuters

“Wang is a reliable man,” said Gu Su, a political scientist at Najin University. The Minister of Public Security is a very important position while China is working to reform the political and legal system. “
As a native of Wang Fujian Province, Xi Jinping began his career in the province where he lived for 17 years from 1985 to 2002, and held many positions, including Fujian City Police Chief.
In 2013, he was appointed Chief of Police of Henan Province, and then began his appointment as Deputy Governor.
In 2015, Wang moved to Beijing, where he became deputy mayor and chief of police. In 2016, he became Deputy Minister of Social Security, and in 2018, Deputy Minister.
Under the pre-university reshuffle, one of Xi Jinping’s key allies, former Shanxi Party leader Lou Yangsheng, led Henan’s reform movement, and former Environment Minister Li Ganjie became party leader.
At a meeting of the Politburo on Thursday, it was suggested that political security management should be a priority. protection from action. must be strictly protected. ”

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