Chilean elections divide voters into demonstrations and order – Let’s See Todays News Updates

Many appreciate the protests that led to the rewriting of the country’s Pinochet-era constitution. “Estallido” helped 35-year-old leftist Gabriel Boric to run in Sunday’s presidential election.

In the run-up to Sunday’s general election on Sunday, November 19, 2021, people are protesting in Santiago against the Chilean government.

For many Chileans, the Plaza Bacedano, a center of social protest in central Santiago for decades, has become a powerful symbol of hope.
For two years, city dwellers have been gathering here to protest against old political classes whose pensions are too low, public transportation fares too high, and generally unaffordable.
The statue of a 19th-century general sitting in the center of the square has been demolished and is now a pillar of left-wing political literature.
Many believe that the so-called “Estallido society” or “social uprising” led to the continued rewriting of the country’s Pinochet-era constitution. “Estallido” helped 35-year-old leftist Gabriel Boric to run in Sunday’s presidential election.
But not everyone is so attractive.
Among the detectives is Ramon Zambrano, a janitor at a nearby apartment.
“You can resist, but in a peaceful way. They’re making a mess, burning cars and burning subways. What are they doing?” he asked, pointing out that the existing graffiti-covered building had been damaged.
In essence, the situation around the Plaza Bacedano represents the main paradox of the election in Chile. Chile’s left has attracted a lot of attention in the wake of dozens of major protests that began in 2019, but the two-year-old, sometimes violent protests, have left many voters wary.

This, combined with the widespread perception among Chileans that crime is on the rise, has allowed the authorities to gain ground by informing them of the law and order.
Borik, who rose to fame in 2011 by leading student protests, led most of 2021, with former far-right Congressman Jose Antonio Cast comparing Donald Trump to Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro. has increased dramatically in the last week.
According to the latest opinion polls, the cast received the most votes on Sunday. According to a Nov. 6 study by consulting firm Activa Research, Caste is likely to win the second round in December.
For Kenneth Bunker, director of Tresquintos, a political adviser, the protests in late October helped strengthen Western ideology.
A series of long-running clashes between police and indigenous separatist groups in the southern provinces of Araucania and Bio Bio also affected the caste.
Gonzalo Cordero, a political adviser and commentator for the national newspaper La Tercera, said: “I think a very important part of the country is tired. They don’t want it again.”
Proponents of Borik say nearly 80 percent of Chileans, fed up with the country’s ultra-free market economy model, voted last year to rewrite the constitution. They argue that a conservative like the caste will do nothing to quell resentment.
“If Cast is elected, I think it will be Estallido 2.0,” said Pedro Munoz, an elected member of Chile’s constitutional rewriting body.
However, the caste campaign is as law-abiding as its supporters.
During the closing ceremony of his election campaign on Thursday night, he repeatedly promised to fight crime. There was the loudest applause when the public and prosecutors accused police of using violence against protesters.
In an interview, several supporters argued that “estallido” was the product of foreign provocateurs, such as the Venezuelan or Cuban government.
Pro-Trump banners were common, and there were anti-crime ads such as “Orden con Kast” or “order with Kast.”
For him, Borik is also bowing. For caste supporters, the protest is a sign of collapse and chaos, while for Borik, it shows that it is not worth saving the previous order.
“We will do politics from the streets,” Borik said during a campaign rally on Thursday night.

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