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‘The understanding between Salah, TAA and Elliott is really good’
FT: Liverpool 1-1 Chelsea


More from Jurgen Klopp on Harvey Elliott’s performance: “Harvey Elliot is really good, the right triangle has worked really well in the last two games, that’s important for us, understanding between Mohamed Salah, Trent Alexander-Arnold and Harvey Elliott are obviously very good.

“The three players on that side are doing really well. Harvey looks really good, I can’t see that he’s exhausted, he’s always got the ball and is trying to get past Chelsea.

“[Jordan] Henderson has no pre-season, playing last week was probably too early. This week I wanted this energy and he played a super game, against [Andy] Robertson we wanted to give it a try. with fresh legs, take it there and let’s go.”

‘Very well deserved goal’
FT: Liverpool 1-1 Chelsea


Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp told Sky Sports: “The goal we got was clearly well deserved. I think it was a clear penalty. We forced it in that situation. .

“The second half everyone thought ‘come in’. There’s a definite advantage in holding the ball, you have to outnumber them and defend really high, but the defensive structure changed in that case they just defended. It’s a bit deeper but there are 8 defensive players in the area around the box so we can’t use it.

“We had shots from distance, I would have liked to have been a little closer to recover but it was a good game.”

‘Everything is interesting – except the results’
FT: Liverpool 1-1 Chelsea


Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp told BBC Match of the Day: “Our press in the first half was absolutely exceptional. Chelsea were dangerous in every situation and that’s how they scored the goal. I I think we all agree that we can better protect it.”

“Everything is exciting apart from the result. I’ve seen two teams play very well. It was our great first half and really good second half because it’s very difficult when you play with nine defenders and have to create and create.

“Can we do better? Yes. But it’s still early in the season.

“Definitely we should create more advantages. We have one more point than before, so let’s move on.

“I think it was a clear handball. I was pleased with the performance in the first half – even though we were 1-0 down. I would have loved we had a little more greed and determination. Apart from that, we’ve had a lot of fun. that, I like the match, I like the atmosphere.”

On the impact of 18-year-old Harvey Elliott: “When you’re old enough to drive a car, you should be old enough to play football games. He’s in the right place. He’s a smart player. He doesn’t look good. don’t get tired of a second and carry on.”

Liverpool 1-1 Chelsea

Harvey Elliott’s Jurgen Klopp says: “When you’re old enough to drive a car, you’re old enough to play a football game.

Only Brentford (15) has had a longer unbeaten run in England’s top four than Liverpool, who have extended their winless streak to 13 (W10 D3).

‘I would have preferred a longer check’
FT: Liverpool 1-1 Chelsea


More information from Chelsea coach Thomas Tuchel: “With pure will we managed to relieve the heat of the game. It was a full team effort.

“They never lost their form, they tried to close the space, we decided to stay in a five-man defense and be active in the fifth line of defense because of all the runs from half space and position. With the versatility of Liverpool’s tall full-backs, it was clear that we would suffer.

“The red card ruined the game, I have no solution for it because maybe it was a red card because he refused an opportunity but it was also a clearance.

“I don’t know what will happen and what will not happen again. I was worried when the referee saw a picture and decided it was a red card.

“I would have preferred a longer set. I can remember the refs explaining that if it was a deflection and it wasn’t a very unusual arm position it wasn’t a penalty. .”

“I’m absolutely happy [with the performance], we’ve taken our steps, like I said, I’m not satisfied with the accuracy under pressure and the decisions we make under pressure. their force.

“But we compete and we want to keep competing. I think our fans loved what they saw and in the end it was a worthy result and we can totally live with it. that.”

“Not really,” Jurgen Klopp said when asked if Roberto Firmino was okay. It could be a muscle injury. Firmino was replaced by Diogo Jota at the end of the first half.

Will be sooner from the Liverpool boss.

‘Suddenly the world turned upside down’
FT: Liverpool 1-1 Chelsea


Chelsea manager Thomas Tuchel told Sky Sports of the team’s drive to keep the 10 men: “It was fantastic, I saw a strong first half, a strong Liverpool team. We were very, very good, scored the first goal, got a big chance for the second goal with Mason Mount.

“But the pressure was great, the quality from Liverpool, the energy high. At times you have to suffer, this is what we did and then in the last second we had to take a penalty and a card. Red.

“In the first half, we had to replace [N’golo] Kante due to injury. The world suddenly turned upside down.

“I can’t praise the team enough, I don’t know if there’s a stadium harder than Man City and Anfield to take down a man.

“Because of the quality and energy of Liverpool, for the first 10 minutes I felt as if it would never end.

“Then the next half hour maybe we’ll create a chance and score a goal and make it more difficult for them.

“In the last five minutes, hopefully we survive and get a well-deserved point. The resilience and teamwork is absolutely amazing.”

It was Edouard Mendy’s busiest game since joining Chelsea, with six saves.

Only three Chelsea players have had 53 more touches than him.

Reece James is the first Chelsea player to feature at Anfield in the Premier League since Frank Lampard in 2009.

The 21-year-old is the youngest Blues player to go red in a top-flight game since John Obi Mikel, 20, against Manchester United in 2007.

Chelsea captain Cesar Azpilicueta on Sky Sports: “I think we had the best two chances, even if they had the most possession.

“I think we controlled the game really well, we had a chance to score the second goal even when we weren’t at our best in terms of passing. Their whole team pressed really well. .

“The action [Reece James] spontaneously does with his arm, the referee gets the information from the VAR, he goes and sees an image and just he gives a penalty and a red card. is enough.”

Liverpool’s Trent Alexander-Arnold created five chances tonight, the most a player has against the Blues in the Premier League since Thomas Tuchel took charge.

He has now created more chances for his teammates than any other top player so far this season (15).

Did Tony forget Klopp managed a team that hit 97 and 99 points in consecutive seasons? After that, there were quite a few sides trying to block it.

Salah scores second best
Liverpool 1-1 Chelsea

Mohamed Salah’s equalizer for Liverpool was the 14th consecutive penalty the Egyptian has scored in the Premier League.

Only Matt Le Tissier (23 consecutive goals between 1994-2000) has had a longer and unmissable streak from second place in Premier League history.

Chelsea captain Cesar Azpilicueta told BBC Sport of the match: “It was harsh. I feel sorry for Reece. The referee took advice from the VAR to give that advice. He went on the screen to watch a video. rematch.

“We received two penalties, a red card and a penalty – and two yellow cards in the same action. We were angry. But you have to stay calm and find a way to fight together as a team. I think the whole team fought and maybe we had our best two chances in the second half.”

Chelsea manager Thomas Tuchel told BBC Match of the Day: “Red card – I’m not even more sure if it’s a rule. You have to accept the decision. He has may have changed their mind with moving pictures.

“In the end, maybe things will stay the same. I don’t like early red cards in general because it ruins the game. In the end it was a tough and hard game. We showed perseverance. Great power and deserves points.

“We decided to stay at five defenders. We wanted to stay active and it was difficult to create chances. The first 10 minutes seemed endless. The last five minutes, I really prayed that we would. going to get what we deserved. It was a tough one and a tough one, but a very strong defensive second half.”

Anthony: Tuchel’s tactics and replacement after up to 10 people is a brilliant, elite manager.

PJ: Chelsea defended very well with 10 men in this game. Defense Art! A well-deserved point; away from home is good. I hope Arsenal are watching… this is how you play against 10 men!

Some Liverpool fans were surprised to see the red card for Reece James. He denied the goal, Liverpool could have scored if he hadn’t used his hands.

He got a red card for the team here actually, he was denied a goal, he got a red card for the team. He denied the goal. Yes, Liverpool took the penalty, but Chelsea did not lose.

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