“We’re going to figure it out,” he added. There are various reasons the United States has struggled to identify who, and what, is responsible for the episodes. Officials have considered that intelligence services from multiple countries could be involved, each with varying motives and equipment causing the illnesses, according toContinue Reading

SITAKUNDA, Bangladesh — Firefighters who suffered heavy casualties while responding to a blaze at a shipping container depot in southern Bangladesh over the weekend were unaware of the presence of chemical drums, which set off a series of powerful explosions, local authorities said. At least 41 people were killed, includingContinue Reading

PARIS — France’s most trusted anchorman for decades, he used to draw millions in an evening news program that some likened to a religious communion. In an earlier time, he embodied an ideal of the French male — at ease with himself, a TV journalist and man of letters, aContinue Reading

Marc Polymeropoulos, a retired C.I.A. officer who started experiencing symptoms of Havana syndrome in Moscow in 2017, said that the government agencies that screen people with symptoms — including the Defense Department, the State Department and the C.I.A. — needed a consistent method of doing so. The tool, he said,Continue Reading

A court in Spain has ordered a regional government to compensate doctors who worked on the front line of the coronavirus pandemic without adequate protective gear like masks, gowns or surgical gloves. The ruling by a regional court in Valencia, in eastern Spain, was the first to be issued inContinue Reading

The coronavirus vaccine mandate for private employers in New York City, announced by Mayor Bill de Blasio on Monday, pushed the city’s workplace vaccination requirements well beyond those in most of the country, where local mandates are generally limited to the public sector and health care. “It’s a significantly moreContinue Reading

MELBOURNE, Australia — Men strutting down corridors looking women up and down. Women carrying fake binders to block unwanted advances. Forcible touches, kisses, comments about appearance. Fears of speaking out. A sweeping review of the workplace culture in Australia’s Parliament paints a damning picture of widespread sexual harassment, with employeesContinue Reading

The Biden administration has asked a federal appeals court to let the government proceed with a federal mandate that all large employers require their workers to get vaccinated against the coronavirus or submit to weekly testing starting in January. In a 52-page motion filed on Tuesday, the Justice Department urgedContinue Reading

GLASGOW — In Gaelic, “Glasgow” translates to “dear green place,” a nod to the parks, gardens and flourishing green spaces throughout the city. But according to Chris Mitchell, who was a garbage collector there for more than two decades, the only thing flourishing in Glasgow these days is “a mountainContinue Reading

A federal appeals panel in Louisiana has temporarily blocked the Biden administration’s new safety regulations directing businesses with more than 100 workers to require their employees to get vaccinations against the coronavirus by early January. The three-judge panel from the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit granted aContinue Reading