BERLIN — For the first time in 16 years, Germany will be run by a man. But although Angela Merkel is handing over the chancellery to a male successor, the incoming cabinet will have more women than ever before. Half, to be exact. Olaf Scholz, the incoming chancellor, kept hisContinue Reading

A simple question has gripped the sports world and drawn the attention of the White House, United Nations and others: Where is Peng Shuai? The Chinese tennis star disappeared from public view for weeks in November after she accused a top Chinese leader of sexual assault, prompting a global chorusContinue Reading

As the winter sun ascends over a mustard farm, pale orange bleeding into sharp yellow, a line of 36 girls all dressed alike — T-shirts, track pants, crew cuts — emerges into an open field, rubbing sleep from their eyes. Under a tin shed, they sit on their haunches, bentContinue Reading

TEGUCIGALPA, Honduras (AP) — Fears that another bitterly disputed presidential election might plunge Honduras back into chaos and violence eased Tuesday night when the ruling party conceded defeat to the opposition candidate. With that, it appeared that Honduras may not only enjoy a peaceful transition, but will also have itsContinue Reading

LONDON — The thwack of fists hitting hand pads echoed through the studio as pairs of women circled each other, striking blows and blocking them, with a singular focus. A solid jab from one woman elicited an approving murmur from her sweaty partner. Another ducked in anticipation of an incomingContinue Reading

At the bustling Yaba Market in Lagos, Nigeria, there is something for everyone. Chatter rises from the traders, whose stalls sprawl over miles of cracked gray concrete and packed earth. They might be selling baskets of fresh fruit, wheelbarrows stuffed with phone cases, piles of sequined fabrics orContinue Reading

The coronavirus pandemic has made women feel more vulnerable to abuse, sexual harassment and violence, which is in turn harming their mental health and emotional well-being, according to a report by U.N. Women, a United Nations organization dedicated to gender equality. Forty-five percent of women surveyed in 13 countries reportedContinue Reading

The International Handball Federation has updated its rules so that women will no longer be required to play in bikini bottoms, responding to months of pressure from female players and coaches who described the uniform requirements as sexist. According to the new rules, which were published Oct. 3 and willContinue Reading

LONDON — James Mason was on duty in a North London police station when a young woman came in to report that she had just been mugged on a city street. Already shaken, the woman became even more unnerved by Mr. Mason’s questions: What clothes did she wear to work?Continue Reading