BRUSSELS — Emmanuel Macron, the president of France, had just finished a speech at a major conference on Europe. While he lingered onstage, soaking up adulation and taking pictures with fans, little did he know that two young women in the back of the room were eying him closely. “ThereContinue Reading

BRUSSELS — As Europeans try to lock in gains made by inoculation campaigns, the European Union on Wednesday pledged to reinforce its preparedness for future health crises and to increase coronavirus vaccine donations to low- and middle-income countries. In her annual speech on the state of the European Union, UrsulaContinue Reading

A war in Ukraine that began with a Russian debacle as its forces tried and failed to take Kyiv has seemingly begun to turn, with Russia now picking off regional targets, Ukraine lacking the weaponry it needs and Western support for the war effort fraying in the face of risingContinue Reading

BRUSSELS — Russian troops battled their way into the devastated Ukrainian city of Sievierodonetsk on Tuesday, as their slow, brutal offensive in eastern Ukraine shifted from indiscriminate shelling to street fighting, with thousands of civilians still trapped among the ruins. With Moscow pressing its advance despite heavy losses, Ukraine’s alliesContinue Reading

DAVOS, Switzerland — Fears of a global food crisis are swelling as a Russian blockade of Ukrainian seaports and attacks on its grain warehouses have choked off one of the world’s breadbaskets, deepening fears that President Vladimir V. Putin is using food as a powerful new weapon in his three-month-oldContinue Reading

With the Russian military still struggling, Western officials and Ukraine’s traumatized residents are looking with increased alarm to Russia’s Victory Day holiday on May 9 — a celebration of the Soviet triumph over Nazi Germany — fearing that President Vladimir V. Putin may exploit it as a grandiose stage toContinue Reading

More than two months into Russia’s brutal war on Ukraine, the European Union on Wednesday announced plans to embargo Russian oil, its biggest economic sacrifice yet to inflict pain on the Russian economy and President Vladimir V. Putin. The measure unveiled by the president of the European Commission, Ursula vonContinue Reading

The European Union had been preparing for the possibility that Russia might halt natural gas deliveries, said Ursula von der Leyen, the European Commission president. Nonetheless, she told a news conference, the Russian move was an attempt “to use gas as an instrument of blackmail.” Poland and Bulgaria will quicklyContinue Reading

The European Union said on Wednesday that it was moving out of the emergency phase of the Covid-19 pandemic, while focusing on vaccination, pandemic surveillance and testing in preparation for a possible new pandemic wave in the fall. The move comes as the number of deaths and hospitalizations across EuropeContinue Reading

Russia reorganized the command of its flagging offensive in Ukraine, selecting a general with extensive combat experience in Syria to lead the mission, as Western nations poured more weapons into the country in anticipation of a renewed Russian assault in the east. The appointment of the general, Aleksandr V. Dvornikov,Continue Reading