VATICAN CITY — David Kertzer put down his cappuccino, put on his backpack and went digging for more Vatican secrets. “There’s an aspect of treasure hunting,” said Mr. Kertzer, a 74-year-old historian. Moments later he cut through a crowd lined up to see Pope Francis, showed his credentials to theContinue Reading

VATICAN CITY — The first cardinal to face a criminal trial in a Vatican courtroom, once one of the Roman Catholic Church’s most powerful officials, told the court in the papal city-state on Thursday that he was ready to clear his name against charges of embezzlement and abuse of office.Continue Reading

ROME — President Biden told reporters on Friday that Pope Francis had called him a “good Catholic” and said he should keep receiving communion, an unexpected development that appeared to put a papal finger on the scale in a debate raging in the United States’ Roman Catholic Church over whetherContinue Reading