“It’s a really dangerous distraction because it diverts our attention away from analyzing what we could do that is much more meaningful,” said Kate Ervine, an associate professor of global development studies at Saint Mary’s University in Halifax, Nova Scotia. While individual activities do have environmental costs, and flying isContinue Reading

MELBOURNE, Australia — High in the branches of a 122-year-old Dutch Elm, two workers in a bucket crane framed by the city’s skyline used a chain saw to slice large limbs from the top of the tree. Office workers strolled past, seemingly enjoying the afternoon sunshine of Flagstaff Gardens, theContinue Reading

Drinkers are boycotting Russian vodka. Small and large U.S. cities are cutting ties with their Russian “sister cities.” And in one of the latest examples of symbolic efforts to isolate Russia from the rest of the world, a group in Brussels disqualified Russia’s candidate — an oak tree said toContinue Reading

Good morning. We’re covering Russia’s bombardment of Kyiv and China’s effort to contain its biggest coronavirus outbreak since Wuhan. Russia bombards Kyiv Russia launched a flurry of artillery strikes on the Ukrainian capital, Kyiv, as its invasion headed into a third week. The attacks followed days of fighting in theContinue Reading

Eucalyptus, for instance, grows fast and straight, making it a lucrative lumber product. Native to Australia and a few islands to the north, its leaves feed koalas, which evolved to tolerate a potent poison they contain. But in Africa and South America — where the trees are widely grown forContinue Reading

WELLINGTON, New Zealand — In an ancient grove in northern New Zealand, the mighty conifer known as Tāne Mahuta, lord of the forest, is threatened by the encroachment of a deadly enemy. It is the largest kauri tree known to be living: 177 feet tall, 53 feet in circumference. Kauri,Continue Reading

SHEKVETILI, Georgia — Over the past five years, people in Georgia witnessed a surreal spectacle: giant, even centuries-old trees floating upright on the Black Sea. Imposing magnolias, tulip trees and other magnificent species glided by on the water’s surface, their mighty boughs spread wide in a procession that looked bothContinue Reading