One by one the tour buses descended on the blue collar neighborhood in Hong Kong known as To Kwa Wan — literally translated as Potato Bay — unloading throngs of travelers from mainland China outside large restaurants where a quick lunch awaited them inside. Outfitted in white, red and orangeContinue Reading

“You can’t wear that flamenco dress for the El Rocío pilgrimage, Bonita,” Maria Cárdenas, our Airbnb host, said with a laugh. “You’ll die in the heat.” She pinched the thick red fabric between her thumb and held it up to my face like a specimen. “You see? Heavy tight dressesContinue Reading

Israel on Monday added the United States and Canada to its “red list,” barring its citizens from traveling to those countries without a special exemption, as Prime Minister Naftali Bennett’s government attempts to slow the spread of the Omicron variant. Israel’s red list, which now includes 58 countries, has rapidlyContinue Reading

We were seated near a lush river in the Southern Cardamom Mountains, huddled over a lunch of chicken and rice, when the tip came in via text message: Someone had passed along the location of a poaching camp. Within minutes, the entire group — including Darian Thackwell, the head ranger,Continue Reading

If Italy’s tourism ministry hoped to make waves with a new marketing campaign promoting the country’s many wonders, it certainly hit the mark, though not, perhaps, in the way the government had imagined. Presented last week, the “Open to Meraviglia” campaign — which uses the Italian word for “wonder” —Continue Reading

Indonesia reopened the island of Bali to fully vaccinated tourists from 19 countries in October. But only two foreign nationals arrived that month — both by sea — and its airport is not yet receiving international flights. Bali, one of the world’s most popular destinations, is among several tourism hotContinue Reading

We spent five blissful days at Sani Lodge, which is owned and operated by the Indigenous Sani tribe. We watched the sun rise over the jungle from a 120-foot-high metal platform — Mr. Gualinga helped build it when he was 14, he said — in the crown of a 900-year-oldContinue Reading

This article is part of our special report on the Art for Tomorrow conference in the Italian cities of Florence and Solomeo. MOMBASA, Kenya — It is a tale of three cities. To the north up the Kenyan coast is Lamu Town, its small streets humming with the sounds ofContinue Reading

Solo travel — curating a vacation perfectly suited to you and no one else — is the ultimate idiosyncratic experience. For some, the goal is to fully test their limits and develop confidence. Others say the allure of traveling alone lies in wholly embracing their desires and their own pace.Continue Reading