When many readers in Toronto, London, Paris and Hong Kong open their newspapers on Monday, they will be greeted with a full-page advertisement from the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York. “We reopened in August 2020, but have been missing one critical thing — you, our international visitors,” theContinue Reading

In the British tabloid The Mail on Sunday, Peter Hitchens, a columnist, wrote that he’d seen one of Amal’s events. “Syrian refugees are not little girls but strapping young men,” he contended. “I wonder how a huge puppet of such a person would be greeted.” Zuabi, the project’s artistic director,Continue Reading

A performer was killed during an opera performance at the Bolshoi Theater in Moscow on Saturday when there was an accident during a scene change, the theater said. The man, in his late 30s, was working as an extra in a production of the opera “Sadko,” by the Russian composerContinue Reading

Those expecting a character assassination of Mrs. Thatcher are in for a surprise; the work is more detached than its playwright’s politics might suggest. Though he is an unapologetic Remainer, it is the Euroskeptic Mrs. Thatcher who emerges as not just the dominant figure but, surprisingly perhaps, the nicer oneContinue Reading

LVIV, Ukraine — Some morsels of news are so grim and absurd that they sound like they were conceived in the warped imagination of bored satirists. Like the headline from Belarus a few weeks ago, reporting that 10th graders there were being taught how to aim rifles — using shovels.Continue Reading

UZHHOROD, Ukraine — Dressed in black, the actors moved around a sparse rehearsal room preparing a new play — the story of a dissident Ukrainian who died in a Russian prison camp decades ago. As they took a break, they gathered in a circle with their arms around each other,Continue Reading

After drama school, Hughes did not immediately secure an agent — unlike many of his colleagues. “Voices in my head were going, ‘Are you a risk?’” he said, but those doubts lifted after he secured a role in a production by Graeae, a British theater company that casts deaf andContinue Reading

MISURATA, Libya — When Taha al-Baskini won a part in a new play about soldiers who reunite after dying in combat, his costume was already in his closet. His onstage camouflage pants were the same ones he had worn as a militia fighter during Libya’s most recent civil war aContinue Reading

Little Amal, a 12-foot-tall puppet depicting a 10-year-old Syrian refugee, has seen about a dozen countries, visited London’s Royal Opera House and other sightseeing destinations, and even met the Pope. But this fall, Amal will embark on an entirely new adventure, crossing the Atlantic for the first time in aContinue Reading

LONDON — Donald J. Trump sits grumpily at the wheel of a golf cart as he drives onto the stage of the Old Vic theater in London. Swerving to a halt, he hauls himself out of the tiny cab, pulls a club from a golf bag, scratches his backside, swingsContinue Reading