Good morning. We’re covering Vladimir Putin’s statements on Mariupol, a flurry of strikes between Israel and Gaza and a landmark ruling on gay sex in South Korea. Putin steps back, but claims victory President Vladimir Putin of Russia said it was “impractical” for Russian forces to attack the steel factoryContinue Reading

JERUSALEM — Militants in Gaza fired several rockets toward Israel overnight and early Thursday and the Israeli Air Force said it retaliated by striking two military sites in Gaza, the most intense fighting between the two sides since the end of an 11-day war in May last year. No deathsContinue Reading

JERUSALEM — Israeli police stopped Muslim worshipers from entering the Aqsa Mosque compound early Sunday morning and brief clashes broke out in nearby side streets, two days after violence erupted at the holy site. The police, seeking to prevent contact between Muslims and Jews who had entered the compound, confinedContinue Reading

JERUSALEM — Clashes between Israeli riot police and Palestinians erupted at one of the holiest sites in Jerusalem early on Friday, the first day of a rare convergence of Ramadan, Passover and Easter, culminating weeks of escalating violence in Israel and the occupied West Bank. The clashes between the IsraelisContinue Reading

JERUSALEM — A Palestinian assailant stabbed and wounded an Israeli civilian near the Old City of Jerusalem on Saturday afternoon, before approaching two Israeli police officers who fired at the attacker, knocked him to the ground, and then killed him as he lay on the road, videos of the confrontationContinue Reading