LONDON — Britons are lining up for gas, staring at empty grocery shelves, paying higher taxes and worrying about spiraling prices as a grim winter approaches. But to visit the Conservative Party conference in Manchester this past week was to enter a kind of happy valley, where cabinet ministers danced,Continue Reading

Military personnel in Britain began driving fuel tankers on Monday as the government stepped up efforts to tackle a shortage of truck drivers that has closed some gas stations, caused panic buying and long lines at others, and threatened wider disruption in the run-up to Christmas. Around 200 soldiers wereContinue Reading

Good morning. We’re covering a planned counteroffensive by Ukraine and Pope Francis’ apology in Canada. Ukraine to mount a counteroffensive Ukrainian forces are preparing for a high-stakes counteroffensive to retake Kherson, a crucial Russian stronghold in southern Ukraine. Moscow uses the vital port city as a base to launch attacksContinue Reading

LONDON — Britain’s record-breaking heat wave came against the backdrop of an intensely watched national political contest, as the race to succeed Prime Minister Boris Johnson was winnowed to just candidates ahead of a critical vote on Wednesday. Rishi Sunak, the former chancellor of the Exchequer; Penny Mordaunt, a middle-rankingContinue Reading

LONDON — The prospect of record-breaking temperatures in Britain might have been expected to raise the heat on leading politicians over the ambition of their climate protection plans. Instead, with a ferocious battle underway to succeed the prime minister, Boris Johnson, top contenders are talking less about global warming andContinue Reading

LONDON — Bowing to intense pressure from his own party, Prime Minister Boris Johnson of Britain said Thursday that he would step down, ending a stormy three-year tenure that was marked by a landslide election victory and a successful drive to pull Britain out of the European Union, but collapsedContinue Reading

Boris Johnson has been pushed into giving up leadership of the country during a perilous economic moment, leaving behind a grim outlook and an uncertain Brexit legacy. On Thursday afternoon, Mr. Johnson described his resistance to stepping down “when the economic scene is so difficult.” It has become a periodContinue Reading

As Prime Minister Boris Johnson faced rapidly mounting pressure from members of his own party to resign on Wednesday, the spotlight turned to who might succeed him as the leader of the Conservatives and the head of the government. Mr. Johnson vowed to fight on as a stream of ministersContinue Reading

LONDON — His support crumbling, his government in disarray, his alibis exhausted, Prime Minister Boris Johnson of Britain tried frantically on Wednesday to salvage his position, even as a delegation of cabinet colleagues traveled to Downing Street to plead with their scandal-scarred leader to step down. More than 30 governmentContinue Reading

LONDON — Prime Minister Boris Johnson of Britain suffered a potentially lethal political blow on Tuesday when two of his most senior ministers quit in an apparently coordinated rebellion against his scandal-tainted leadership. The two ministers — the chancellor of the Exchequer, Rishi Sunak, and the health secretary, Sajid JavidContinue Reading