Boris Johnson has been pushed into giving up leadership of the country during a perilous economic moment, leaving behind a grim outlook and an uncertain Brexit legacy. On Thursday afternoon, Mr. Johnson described his resistance to stepping down “when the economic scene is so difficult.” It has become a periodContinue Reading

LONDON — It was one of the more unusual public displays in a city long used to noisy and colorful demonstrations: protesters wearing flowing black gowns and curled horsehair wigs waving placards on Monday outside a London courthouse. But with Britain gearing up for a “summer of discontent” and laborContinue Reading

A two-day nationwide strike called by hundreds of thousands of workers to protest government economic policies has spared no corner of India, with supporters of the walkout blocking roads and train tracks, and public transportation absent from the streets of many towns. As Indian authorities raced to roll out contingencyContinue Reading

GLASGOW — In Gaelic, “Glasgow” translates to “dear green place,” a nod to the parks, gardens and flourishing green spaces throughout the city. But according to Chris Mitchell, who was a garbage collector there for more than two decades, the only thing flourishing in Glasgow these days is “a mountainContinue Reading

The government’s withering authority is a consequence of its own shortsighted strategy to use gangs to achieve its objectives, human rights advocates say. Early this month, Pastor Jean Ferrer Michel had parked outside of his church when armed, masked men jumped out of a justice ministry vehicle and bundled himContinue Reading