NEW DELHI — Kamla Bhasin, an activist, poet and writer who was an early leader of the women’s movement in India, died here on Sept. 25. She was 75. Her sister, Bina Kak, a politician and actress, confirmed the death, which was widely mourned in India. She said Ms. BhasinContinue Reading

Good morning. We’re covering Sievierodonetsk’s growing isolation, China’s mass Covid testing and South Asia’s climate change crisis. Sievierodonetsk, isolated The eastern city of Sievierodonetsk is now cut off from Ukrainian-controlled territory after the last bridge to the west was destroyed. The development could intensify a humanitarian crisis at a criticalContinue Reading

NEW DELHI — Two young demonstrators were killed on Friday in India’s eastern Jharkhand State amid protests across South Asia by Muslims angered by a comment from an official in India’s governing party that they believe profaned the Prophet Muhammad. The protesters were shot during demonstrations that erupted after FridayContinue Reading

Good morning. We’re covering a change of power in Australia, President Biden’s trip to Asia and catastrophic floods in India and Bangladesh. Australia’s incoming Labor leader Prime Minister Scott Morrison conceded defeat to Anthony Albanese, the incoming Labor prime minister, ending nine years of conservative leadership. The opposition Labor partyContinue Reading

In many cities, concentrations of some pollutants declined while others increased. But Jakarta, Indonesia, was the only one that saw a statistically significant improvement in overall air quality as a result of governmental policies. Improvement is relative as Jakarta still has a severe air pollution problem, but the trends thereContinue Reading

Rahul Mehrotra, the architect and Harvard professor, writes in the catalog about the challenge of housing. Faced with millions of refugees, the new nations of South Asia ended up proliferating developments that doubled down on centuries of class division. Islamabad was built for Pakistan’s military and bureaucratic elites. Refugees andContinue Reading