Kuwait announced last month that it planned to invest more than $6 billion in exploration over the next five years to increase production to four million barrels a day, from 2.4 million now. This month, the United Arab Emirates, a major OPEC member that produces four million barrels of oilContinue Reading

JEDDAH, Saudi Arabia — During his painful encounters with a series of Arab strongmen here in Saudi Arabia this weekend, President Biden kept returning to a single reason for renewing his relationship with American allies who fall on the wrong side of the struggle he often describes as a battleContinue Reading

President Biden said Friday night that he brought up the murder of Jamal Khashoggi during his closed-door meeting with Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman and told the prince that he considered him to blame. While Mr. Biden said nothing about Mr. Khashoggi during the public part of his meeting withContinue Reading

JEDDAH, Saudi Arabia — President Biden exchanged the shaken fist for a fist bump on Friday as he abandoned his promise to make Saudi Arabia a “pariah” and sat down with the crown prince he deemed responsible for the grisly killing and dismemberment of a columnist who lived in theContinue Reading

When President Donald J. Trump chose Saudi Arabia in 2017 for the first overseas trip of his presidency, the Saudis were so overjoyed that they turned his visit into a pro-American extravaganza. They projected giant American and Saudi flags on the facade of a luxury hotel. They put Mr. TrumpContinue Reading

JERUSALEM — President Biden on Thursday issued one of the bluntest warnings to Tehran of his presidency, committing to Israel’s leaders that “we will not allow Iran to acquire a nuclear weapon,” but Israel’s caretaker prime minister, Yair Lapid, pushed even further, asking all democratic nations to vow to actContinue Reading

JERUSALEM — It is the handshake that President Biden would dearly love to avoid if he could. So will he use Covid-19 as a reason to keep arm’s length from Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman when he lands in Saudi Arabia later this week? White House officials flying with Mr.Continue Reading

JERUSALEM — President Biden left Washington for a four-day trip to the Middle East on Tuesday to try to slow down an accelerating Iranian nuclear program, speed up the flow of oil to American pumps and reshape the relationship with Saudi Arabia without seeming to embrace a crown prince theContinue Reading

JERUSALEM — When President Biden arrives in the Middle East this week, on his first visit as American head of state, he will find a region where alliances, priorities and relations with the United States have shifted significantly since his last official trip, six years ago. His visit opens inContinue Reading