Increasingly frigid winter weather presented new challenges for Ukraine on Sunday as mud churned up the battlefield and snowfall made the government’s task of restoring power supplies devastated by weeks of Russian bombing all the more urgent. The state energy company, Ukrenergo, said that there was enough electricity to coverContinue Reading

The successful attack was a critical moment in the war. It dealt an embarrassing blow to President Vladimir V. Putin of Russia, who presided over the bridge’s opening in 2018, and it underscored Russia’s inability to protect a critical strategic asset and a potent symbol as its only connectionContinue Reading

A parable comedy that reminds you that the best solution in the most difficult situations is to act as simply as possible. A comedy-drama that proves that the best way to solve the most difficult life circumstances is to accept them easily. There isContinue Reading

Russia’s relationship with the world is continuing to evolve rapidly. To assess the global shifts, The Times analyzed years of country-level trade data compiled by the Observatory of Economic Complexity, an online data platform. Because the data is published with a lag, the picture it provides is inherently backward looking.Continue Reading

This story contains audio Muted Russian soldiers made thousands of calls from the battlefield in Ukraine to relatives at home. Here are their conversations. Warning: They contain explicit language. 00:24 Ivan Hello? Hi, Mommy. Yevgeniy We are positioned in Bucha town. Sergey Our offense has stalled. We’re losing this war.Continue Reading

Ukraine’s continued progress is by no means assured. There is no indication of a mass Russian withdrawal, and Russian forces have continued to assault Ukrainian positions and pound Ukrainian towns and villages. In areas where Ukraine has had the advantage, the Russian military may find a way to dig in,Continue Reading

ZAPORIZHZHIA, Ukraine — They sneak down darkened alleys to set explosives. They identify Russian targets for Ukrainian artillery and long-range rockets provided by the United States. They blow up rail lines and assassinate Ukrainian officials they consider collaborators with the Russians. Slipping back and forth across the front lines, theContinue Reading

KYIV, Ukraine — The Crimean Peninsula dangles off Ukraine’s southern coast like a diamond, blessed with a temperate climate, sandy beaches, lush wheat fields and orchards stuffed with cherries and peaches. It is also a critical staging ground for Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. Connected via bridge to Russia and servingContinue Reading

YAHIDNE, Ukraine — They put on their pink, orange and green sunglasses again. Out of the closets came high platform shoes, short black skirts, leather leggings and metal jewelry. They were hip, young and beautiful, and ready to party on a recent balmy summer evening in a dramatic setting —Continue Reading

MYKOLAIV REGION, Ukraine — In their summer campaign to drive Russian troops from the southern region of Kherson, Ukraine’s forces have decimated Russian command centers and ammunition depots, severed supply lines with precision strikes on key bridges, and sown terror among collaborationist officials with a spate of car bombings, shootingsContinue Reading