ISTANBUL — Only a month ago it would have been an innocuous scene in Moscow: Oxxxymiron, one of Russia’s most popular rappers, performing his latest tracks onstage with a banner behind him reading: “Russians against war.” But after President Vladimir V. Putin decided to invade Ukraine, what had been typicalContinue Reading

STOCKHOLM — Sweden had never seen anything like Einar. A hyperactive and self-assured young artist in a place increasingly obsessed with global hip-hop, by 19 he was one of the biggest rappers the country had ever produced. Born Nils Gronberg, Einar had the face of puppy dog, the flow ofContinue Reading

Many Roma women face pressures to marry young and take on traditional gender roles. Pretty Loud, a hip-hop group from Serbia, wants girls to decide for themselves. By Laetitia Vancon and Isabella Kwai Photographs and Video by Laetitia Vancon BELGRADE, Serbia — The members of Pretty Loud, possibly the world’sContinue Reading

WARSAW — The vast fields of Warsaw’s Bemowo airport have hosted concerts by some of the world’s biggest stars. Michael Jackson played there. So did Madonna. Metallica, too. But last Saturday more than 30,000 people — many young teenagers, with their parents acting as chaperones — crowded together next toContinue Reading