BEIRUT, Lebanon — Armed clashes between sectarian militias transformed Beirut neighborhoods into a deadly war zone on Thursday, raising fears that violence could fill the void left by the near-collapse of the Lebanese state. Rival gunmen, chanting in support of their leaders, hid behind cars and dumpsters to fire automaticContinue Reading

In the days leading up to the introduction of a mandatory health pass for Italian workers on Friday, anti-vaccine activists and opponents to the measure plotted on chat groups about major demonstrations and “war.” But as of late Friday afternoon, the opponents to the Green Pass, as the health passContinue Reading

ISTANBUL — A well-known Turkish philanthropist went on trial again in Istanbul on Friday, his third prosecution in four years of detention, in a mass proceeding that has come to demonstrate the extreme lengths the Turkish government is willing to take to keep its opponents behind bars. In a highlyContinue Reading

NEW DELHI — Eight people were killed on Sunday in an incident that protesting farmers said was the fault of a prominent Indian leader, as nearly yearlong demonstrations against a government revamp of the country’s agriculture laws threatened to enter a more volatile phase. The police have said they areContinue Reading

This week, the Supreme Court of British Columbia refused to extend an injunction against old growth forest protests in and around Fairy Creek on Vancouver Island. But the rejection had nothing to do with logging or the actions of the protesters. Instead, Justice Douglas W. Thompson turned down the loggingContinue Reading

HONG KONG — The director of “Far From Home,” a short, intimate film about a family caught in the tumult of the 2019 antigovernment protests in Hong Kong, had hoped to show off her work at a local film festival in June. Then the censors stepped in. They told theContinue Reading

Myanmar’s ousted civilian leader, Daw Aung San Suu Kyi, is kept by herself in a prison cell measuring about 200 square feet. Daytime temperatures can surpass 100 degrees Fahrenheit, but there is no air conditioning. When it rains, which is often, water splashes in through windows that have no coverings,Continue Reading

Demonstrations against rising prices in the West African nation of Sierra Leone turned deadly this week, the country’s authorities said on Friday, as long-simmering economic grievances compounded by the global food crisis erupted into street clashes. Female street vendors who last month staged peaceful gatherings against the soaring cost ofContinue Reading

COLOMBO, Sri Lanka — The president was cornered, his back to the sea. Inside the dimly lit colonial mansion he had found lonely, Gotabaya Rajapaksa watched from a hastily arranged operations room as the monthslong protests demanding his ouster as Sri Lanka’s leader reached his very doorstep. A former defenseContinue Reading