ODESA, Ukraine — A string of explosions rocked Ukraine’s southern city of Odesa on Saturday, hitting one of the country’s most important ports less than 24 hours after Russia and Ukraine signed a deal to secure the transit of millions of tons of grain through Black Sea routes. The strikesContinue Reading

ROTTERDAM, Netherlands — Jolanda Wielenga was checking documents accompanying containers bound for Russia when her heart skipped a beat: One held a substance that could be used to make a chemical weapon. The substance could be used for both civilian and military purposes. Exporting it to Russia would have beenContinue Reading

DHAKA, Bangladesh — At least 39 people were killed and hundreds more suffered burns when a fire at a container depot in Bangladesh set off a series of explosions, officials said on Sunday. Many people were in critical condition in hospital burn wards, according to local officials, who feared theContinue Reading

WASHINGTON — Companies are bracing for another round of potentially debilitating supply chain disruptions as China, home to about a third of global manufacturing, imposes sweeping lockdowns in an attempt to keep the Omicron variant at bay. The measures have already confined tens of millions of people to their homesContinue Reading

BEIRUT, Lebanon — Built on the ashes of 10 years of war in Syria, an illegal drug industry run by powerful associates and relatives of President Bashar al-Assad has grown into a multi-billion-dollar operation, eclipsing Syria’s legal exports and turning the country into the world’s newest narcostate. Its flagship productContinue Reading