In 2017, Mr. O’Toole unsuccessfully sought to replace Mr. Harper as the party’s leader, running as a moderate. Last year, he prevailed with a hard-right approach, running as a “true blue Conservative” (blue is the party’s color) who promised to “take back” Canada. Once he won, though, Mr. O’Toole repudiatedContinue Reading

Regular readers of this newsletter may remember the thermostat theory of politics. It’s the idea, developed by the political scientist Christopher Wlezien, that public opinion often moves in the opposite direction as government policy. When policy begins changing, many people worry that the shift will be too radical, and theirContinue Reading

About 31 percent of American adults said in April that they were “very” or “somewhat worried” about contracting the coronavirus, according to a new Gallup poll released on Wednesday, indicating that about two-thirds was not as worried, even as new confirmed cases began to rise steadily across the United States.Continue Reading

Shortly after taking office, President Biden called on the government to do better. “We have to prove democracy still works,” he told Congress. “That our government still works — and we can deliver for our people.” Most Americans seem to believe Biden has not done so: 42 percent of AmericansContinue Reading

LE HAVRE, France — As an ardent supporter of President Emmanuel Macron of France, Nicole Liot was all smiles after seeing him at a recent campaign stop. But she was also worried about the final round of the French election this Sunday. In her lifetime, she had never seen suchContinue Reading

BRUSSELS — In a rapid response to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and in the face of Moscow’s warnings to NATO to stop its enlargement, Finland and Sweden are seriously debating applications for membership in the alliance and are widely expected to join. The accession of both countries would be anotherContinue Reading

PARIS — President Emmanuel Macron will face Marine Le Pen, the French far-right leader, in the runoff of France’s presidential elections. With 92 percent of the ballots cast on Sunday counted, Mr. Macron, a centrist, was leading with about 27.4 percent of the vote to Ms. Le Pen’s 24.3 percent.Continue Reading

DIJON, France — At Le Carillon, a convivial place for a coq au vin as France prepares to vote in a critical election, the heated political debates that always characterized past campaigns have fallen silent, as if the country were anesthetized. In other election seasons, the restaurant would buzz forContinue Reading

PARIS — The French are going to the polls this month to choose their president, who holds the most powerful office in France and has considerable control of domestic and foreign policy, in one of the European Union’s most populous and influential member states. The war in Ukraine has dominatedContinue Reading